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6 Replies to “Relentless. A documentary on the Arab-Israeli history.”

  1. 1) Yigal Amir is not only a heroe, but his actions should be repeated. More politicians who act against the wishes of their people they are supposed to represent, yet willingly act against them, should be shot.

    Maybe extreme to your readers, but they must know that to every action there is a reaction. Especially these days. People are angry. Our politicians are pigs: big salaries and big pensions and invisible.

    In the mayan or incan cultures, if leaders could not fulfill their obligations, they were killed. Today, they get a pension for life!

    2) Too all leftists – including jews, Israel should give more land. Including some Israelis who still vote for labour, meretz and kadima.

    3) Israel will have to eliminate Hamas from Gaza and probably retake the Sinai. In fact Israel has willingly missed so many opportunites to exploit the situation in Egypt that I do not know how seriously Israelis take their own security.

    I could happily watch the murder of every palestinian child and it would not affect me nor would I have any compassion for their parents, if their parents have any compassion at all. In fact, I would enjoy it. They are muslims and they would feel sad that their children were not used to kill jews.

    4) How does the Israeli govt allow the palestinians to have a media?

    5) Salman El Herfi exhibits classic muslim characteristics: deny deny deny lie lie lie and claim to be the victim.

    6) Ehud Barak and Bill Clinton are disasters not only for Israel but for the West. They make us all appear to be weak and encourages more terror.

    In fact Israel, since he year 2000, is at times, an embarrasment to us all.

  2. This may be OT but just happened to me this morning. I was at a McDonalds in NYC a few hours ago. A guy standing next to me (guess what background) got impatient with his order and said to me the staff should be put in the gas chamber (he thought he was being funny).

    I said to him “I dunno if you are christian, but I’m jewish and-

    “Ya I figured” – I don’t look jewish at all. He was only reacting to that I didn’t think his gas chamber comment was funny-

    “considering what’s been happening this past month” I continued, “maybe that sort of joke isn’t-”

    “I’m not a christian” he said, then turned away and proceded to ignore me.

    I have never witnessed anything like that first hand before. An avarage, non political muslim arab american thought nothing of using the holocaust to make what he thought of as a humorous comment.

    It has always been my policy to confront people who call for mass deportation or use “those people” talk.

    As of a few hours ago that is no longer my policy.

  3. Excellent movie! Unfortunately Israel is damned if they do or don’t. Things are heating up and world Jewery will be facing elemination. Only when swords are turned into plowshares will there be any survivors.
    No doubt the Oslo Accords were just Arafat’s Trojan Horse.

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