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7 Replies to “Islam on an Italian TV show”

  1. Can it be true! someone is finally fighting all that crap spewed out by islam defending Mohammed´s indisputable and repugnant polygamy and pedophelia. Hooray. Let´s hear more and shut these idiots down once and for all.

  2. The brains of the muslims are their best weapons against thier enemies, the noble kuffar. We see clearly the brain of the muslim in full flow in this piece. How can they fail to convince the kuffar of what they say is true. Noble kuffar know that the muslim are truthful ,peaceful people who are not peadophile worhippers. I for one am convinced. The muslims tell me so. The muslims should make a movie called Mohammad was not a peadophile. That will convince the entire world of the noble kuffar. Actually this is a better tactic. I feel the judge in the trial of Elizabeth in Austria is going along the route of Mohammad is not a peadophile and thus demonstrating even more clearly as her stupid arguments are unravelled that he was peadophile. We are learning a lot more about what peadophilia is then we ever wanted to know because of that judge and of course the world’s most famous peadophile the projphet mohammad our teacher in what peadophilia is. We would never have got all this information if not for Mo.

  3. Switzerland is taking a hardline against forced or child marriages. This is going to put huge pressure on Muslims in Switzerland. And we all know what happens when Muslims are under pressure, specially sexual pleasure of not having sex with a children.

  4. Public opinion is changing, and the Moslems are getting desperate because the truth is coming out about Mohammad and their religion.

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