Instructions for the Dutch Voter: Stick it to the PVV!

Post and commentary from Gates of Vienna. The translation of the video is thanks to Timo.

The Netherlands will hold provincial elections on March 2, and Geert Wilders’ party (the PVV) is poised once again to do well. The entrenched forces of reaction are determined to stop the PVV, and are running a no-holds-barred campaign against it.

Our Dutch correspondent Timo alerted us to a particularly disgusting political TV spot put out by the left-wing opponents of Geert Wilders. He explains the title of the commercial and its context:

“Guide on what to vote against* — Freedom” [i.e. the Party for Freedom]

In this commercial the leftist people in Holland have hit bottom by using kids in their campaign against the PVV. There will be provincial elections in Holland on 2 March 2011. Instead of focusing on their own parties, the leftists are using kids to repeat Geert Wilders’ “worst” (i.e. most offensive when seen out of context) statements about Islam. The upshot is that if you vote for the PVV, the CDA, or the VVD, your kids will be fed with hate the moment they are born.

* Explanation of the title:

“Stemwijzer” is normally a Dutch website with a list of questions which helps people choose the right party if they haven’t made up their mind yet. The word “tegen” in front of the word gives it a meaning of against — “counter-vote advisor”, tegenstemwijzer.

Timo also points out the illustrious company these lefties are keeping in their exploitation of children: the Nazis, who frequently used children for their propaganda, and Hamas, who send them out as suicide bombers. To that I might add the infamous “Daisy” commercial — a countdown to nuclear war featuring a little girl — that was put out by President Lyndon Baines Johnson during his 1964 election campaign against Barry Goldwater.


0:00 We have a huge problem with Muslims.
0:02 Scum! That’s what I would call them.
0:04 We’re selling our country to a devil called Mohammed.
0:08 And no one seems to resist.
0:10 Native people are reproducing themselves more slowly
0:12 than foreigners.
0:13 We have to stop Muslim immigration.
0:16 In about 20 years you’ll be able to find them everywhere.
0:18 Let’s take back our streets!
0:20 Islam is a backward culture.
0:24 Why shouldn’t we begin by taxing the hijab? Headscarf taxes!
0:28 The time has come for the big cleanup of our streets.
0:32 I’d say: Let the polluter pay for it!
0:34 Scum! That’s what I would call them.
0:36 Scum! That’s what I would call them.
0:38 Scum! That’s what I would call them.
0:40 I say what I think!
0:41 You still have the chance to vote for a future without the PVV.
0:44 Therefore vote against the coalition!
0:46 And this time don’t vote for the CDA or the VVD.
0:48 At our website — — you’ll find your alternative!

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6 Replies to “Instructions for the Dutch Voter: Stick it to the PVV!”

  1. You know this could just work for the PVV.I know this is a dirty leftist trick but I believe most of what the kids are saying.And they are free advertising for Mr Wilders.The PVV could return the favour by having kids saying “we have no future”.The left are running on empty too sink so low as this they are obviously out of ideas and time.

  2. Being Dutch I couldn’t agree with you more.
    Left is sinking to an al time low and there has been tons of criticism on this dirty campaign and looks it will backfire bigtime.
    The upcomming election will be a landmark and I predict a a very comfortable election result for the PVV.
    We Dutch are waking up you know.

  3. Sad to think that Canadians risked their lives for Holland. All in vain. Will the muslims still allow them to make cheese?

    The Dutch may be the world’s tallest people but many of them are moral dwarfs.

  4. “Me thinks they doth protest too much.” (With apologies to William Shakespeare for the butchered quote.)

    Or, to put it in more modern terms: “If you don’t have anything good to say, then make something up.”

    While the left is more and more strident in their denials that they are bedding the enemy, the PVV and other parties like it in Europe quietly gather strength to fight the intractable enemy known as Islam.

    When the leaders of the free world recognize the absolutely political nature of Islam, then and only then will they begin to do something about the death cult. Its already happening all over Europe as the Netherlands has become the latest country to recognize that multiculturalism has failed, primarily due to Muslims.

    All over the world, there is only one group of people who refuse to assimilate the values of their host countries or obey their laws: Muslims.

    And what do we do? Like the dhimmi living within Muslim countries, we refuse to stand up for our values in the mis-guided name of multiculturalism and the left is doing everything it can to shore up that dead horse.

    I would hope that the PVV and other anti-Islamic parties gain so much ground that Islam fails in Europe and the rest of the western world.

    But the left has taken over the courts and refuses to look at the truth as evidenced by the recent trials of Geert Wilders and Elizabeth Sabadisch-Wolf in countries that should really know better. Both the Netherlands and Austria suffered under such idiocy during WWII under the Nazis, who would arrest and convict those who saw through the Nazi propaganda machine and spoke out against it.

    The left has convicted itself as they defend the indefensible: Islam.

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