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6 Replies to “Apparently Melbourne is having a bit of a gang problem.”

  1. This is what happens when you disarm the victims, the violence goes up. My suggestion is to let the civilians own guns, and turn the SAS lose in the area to take out an gang member they can find.

  2. This is the first time that I have ever heard of medical school applicants turning to gang violence in order to voice their frustrations.

    I suspect that these are not medical school students at all, but jihadists, plain and simple who are using the perceived low rates of Muslim medical students at universities in Australia as an excuse to terrorize entire neighborhoods.

    Having first-hand experience of a Muslim doctor ignoring my wife and talking primarily to me about her medical problems, I can understand why Muslims are not in such high numbers in western medical schools. They have far too many prejudices to treat women with respect.

    And far too many of them believe in djinns (genies) to be taken seriously.

    I say until they abandon their koran-induced superstitions and misogyny, keep them out of medical school. Those beliefs belong in the Dark Ages and not the modern world.

  3. My apologies RRWest. I was being entirely facetious about the medical school thing. I was mocking the maker of this clip trying to blame racism and ‘society at large’ for the behaviour of these Mustard thugs.

  4. Would just like to point out that most of the footage of violence in this typical low brow media report (you can hear the tone of the ‘journalists’ questions is trying to get the most extreme response from these little boys) is from the general Melbourne nightlife, nothing whatsoever to do with islam. Melbourne has a massively ingrained drinking culture and all the associated problems with random street violence that go with it. All the footage of police arresting people and ambulances in attendance etc are from file footage collected over the last couple of years of random drunken attacks in the CBD. NOTHING whatsoever to do with islam.
    Geez I’d hate to think people might be put off from visiting our wonderful city by this report.

    I live in the next suburb along from the ‘Coburg Boys’, never heard of them. Coburg is full of up and coming young professionals, old school working class Greek/Italians and new muslim migrants, at present it is a perfectly civilised place to visit. The house prices have sky rocketed and don’t look like slowing down anytime soon.

    These misguided fools featured in the report are not ‘jihadis’, they’re just dumb as shit wannabe gangsters.

    Vlad, just a tip, always view anything produced by either ‘Today Tonight’ or ‘A Current Affair’ as the gutter journalism it is. Question question question!

    Otherwise, as you were. Thank you for keeping me informed of the goings on in Canada, a country I would very much like to visit one day.

  5. theres a few hundred such gangs about , some are somali based some lebanese some sudanese or or Islaic based country based ..

    sad eh , i truely fear for my nation , Australia, and even though we can see the rest of the world our leaders are just plunging us deeper into the same evil

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