Various leftists and Palestinophiles upgrade the boycots in Montreal.

Seems that one shoestore is not enough to satisfy their vitriol to Israel and now the boycotts are spreading to other locations on St. Denis St.

Thanks to Bad Faun for these photos, both taken today in Montreal.

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9 Replies to “Various leftists and Palestinophiles upgrade the boycots in Montreal.”

  1. Shirl in a just world they can’t destroy a mans business and get away with it, this is no longer a just world, the left has destroyed a lot of businesses and gotten away with it because they are the left. All we can do is fight and pray for victory.

  2. Montreal is the Hazbollah enclave of Canada. Used to be they were concerned about their frenchness but it’s all gauche and irrelevant now.

  3. Dallas is the Hamas enclave of USA. Used to be they were concerned about their cowboyness but it’s all right and irrelevant now.

  4. I lived in Montreal during the 80s and can truthfully say that without the fairly substantial Jewish community living there over the past three hundred years, the city and its economy wouldn’t be where it is now.

    Should they be forced to leave, as the Muslims are not so quietly forcing Jews to leave Europe, then I would estimate that at least 35% of the business wealth would be gone.

    This goes to show that wherever Muslims go, there also goes hatred and intolerance.

  5. On July 18, 1290, Edward I expelled the Jews from England, the exile from lasted 350 years.

    However, there were small pockets left but they worshipped in secret.

    Oliver Cromwell never officially readmitted Jews to Britain,but a small colony of Sephardic Jews living in London was identified in 1656 and allowed to remain due to Cromwell’s need of their financial assistance.

  6. RRWest if that 35% of the business money is gone the employment will drop by a percentage close to that, the rich re-invest their money so it makes more money for them, they don’t put it in the bank, the interest the bank will pay is too low to interest them.

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