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6 Replies to “Pat Condell on Cameron’s abandonment of Multiculti”

  1. Multiculturalism like Socialism sound good but are doomed to fail in the real world, both ignore human nature and insist that all you need to do is give up all you make to allow others to benefit from your labors.

  2. Don’t you just love this guy? This halal business is so disgusting plus what a sneaky aspect of mass islamization. I can’t understand why the British are not pushing the goverment to change it. Funny, that does not bother them but they are all agaist the seal hunt in Canada.

  3. Remember we are getting a lot of this info from the MSM, they may be protesting to their politicians and it isn’t being reported.

  4. Australians also are being force-fed with Halal meat and chickens without their knowledge. Large supermarkets such as Coles and Woolworths admitted it in a TV programme. They deliberately do not label their meat and chickens as Halal incase non-Muslims refuse to buy it. More information is available in a recent informative article at:


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