Japanese police watch Muslims

Here is a Press TV clip showing how Japanese police watch activities of Muslims closely. The Iranian Media mouthpiece is of course trying to show bigotry etc. I see sanity and it gives me hope, if you add this info-bit to the various wikileaks, that have come out recently about US admin views of Muslims and Islam in Europe, that our Western governments may not be as self destructive and PC-insane as it seems.

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  1. This all depends on who is the national leader, the FBI has been watching Moslems closely since 9-11, but since Obama took office they are hampered on who much info they can share with the overseas intelligence and how much info intel branches can share with them. This was the policy that allowed the 9-11 attackers slip through the cracks, and it has once again placed us in danger of a foreign terror attack.

    No Eeyore not all of the governments and government employees are suicidally PC, but enough are that they can hamper the ones who aren’t. This is why I keep saying that as long as we fight we will win, but that we can’t give up. Unless we support the unsung heroes of this war they will end up being hamstrung by the PC liberals in their midst.

  2. Boo Hoo Hoo, Here we go again the first word out of the reporter’s mouths is ‘Islamaphobia’. evidently the Government in Japan is not PC and does not cower and grovel to the MSM and the bleeding heart liberals. Years back Japan had to deal with a doomsday cult, releasing Sarin Gas in the Subway, only luck kept the death toll down, which could have been in the thousands Having learned from this incident they are cautious and diligent in their monitoring of possible groups which may have evil, terrorism, and criminal acts on their minds.

  3. From what I have read their liberals are very close to US conservatives, granted they have a lot of far leftists, and they have the faction that doesn’t want democracy they want the Emperor to run the nation. On the whole they support freedom of religion and want at least a semi democratic form of government. Their only problem is the same one we are having, not enough kids being born.

    The low birth rate is why they are working 0n robotics so much, they want robot nurses to be primary care givers in the homes of the elderly.

  4. Of course there is Islamophobia in Japan. The japanese have a high level of education.

    Why do the populations of the islamophobic countries have higher levels of education than those of the islamophilic countries? There just has to be a reason. If only I could put my finger on it…

    I’d have to say Islamophobia is a heck of a lot safer to have then Islamophilia. People with Islamphobia don’t go boom.

    I don’t know about you people but I’d feel much safer on an airplane sitting next to an islamphobic.

    As soon as there are mad bombers yelling “Allah’s not so Akbar!” we should start worrying about islamophobia.

  5. Vibrant Cultural Enrichment™

    The justification for mass immigration given by NuLabour is that immigrants bring ‘Vibrant Cultural Enrichment™ ‘ to our otherwise drab English lives.

    Now to a certain extent this is true. Wherever the Chinese settle you get Chinatowns, which become tourist attractions. In contrast, wherever the Jihadists settle you have ghettoes which become no-go areas. Obviously, some groups are more vibrant than others.

    So what have the Muslims contributed to our cultural enrichment?
    Zero? – no, the number 0 was a Hindu invention.

    In fact they have contributed less than zero, they have a negative effect on all aspects of society.

    Islam is a moribund culture that has produced nothing of any significance to the rest of the world for the past five hundred years, with the one exception of the new cinematic genre of ‘Jihad-Snuff’ videos, showing now at a mosque near you.

    Islamists have a deleterious effect on education, with attempts to rewrite history so that the Muslims are given credit for inventing everything, and aggressive demands to ban music, visual arts and drama from the syllabus.

    There’s the old joke about the difference between the Islamic world and a pot of yoghurt, but it’s beyond a joke when they try to impose their repressed and culturally barren stone-age culture on our kids.

    They have disrupted our once civilised society. They have made air travel into even more of a nightmare than it was. They have flooded the country with heroin.

    Kuffar teenagers in enriched areas are scared to go out in case boys get attacked by gangs of ‘Street Jihadists’ and girls by gang rapists. Even young children are vulnerable to Islamic paedophile gangs.

    They have destroyed trust. We can no longer trust doctors if they are Muslims. We can no longer trust police if they are Muslims.

    They have destroyed free speech. We can no longer discuss religion without being arrested. They have given our control-freak government the perfect excuse to increase their surveillance into everybody’s lives.


  6. DP111 what doesn’t get mentioned very often is that there is a large Islamist presence in the cocaine producing regions of South America and they are moving into control of some of those areas.

    As for the things the Moslems have brought to the world, the only one that can be proven is Holy War, prior to the raise of Islam wars were fought for land, gold or honor, after Mohammad started his cult we started fighting for religious reasons.

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