The Tundra Tabloids reported earlier about EDL leader, Kevin Carroll, having a shotgun pointed in his direction after being drawn out by a Muslim throwing a rock at his house, now it’s Guramit Singh’s turn to be confronted by the Mohammedan mob, just like they do to Sweden Democrats in the la la land called Sweden. KGS

Yet Another EDL Leader Threatened at His Home by Armed Muslim Mob

By Ignominius
When we reported on the attempted armed attack on one of the EDL leaders late last week, it was pointed out that Islam hates opposition. And that when Islam meets with opposition the only way it can deal with that opposition is with threats of death, physical intimidation and violence. Many people were cynical enough to believe that it was a ploy by the EDL, close to the demonstration in Luton, to gain support and sympathy for the cause.

Yet, last night fifteen armed men, one of them armed, it’s alleged with a firearm, turned up at the home of the EDL’s chief spokesman, Guramit Singh with the intent of at least to intimidate him and frighten him. Guramit, confronting the men with his Rottweiler showed that neither he nor the EDL will be cowed or intimidated. Armed police soon arrived and Amit as he affectionately known was escorted to the local police station to give a statement. Afterwards he was collected by members of his EDL division and taken to a safe house with police protection. The police are still at his home at the present time.



  1. and the world yawns. What would happen if a bunch of armed pissed off people surrounded an islamic rageboy’s house? Never mind, I think we all already know: “hate crime!” “islamohobia!” “waaaaaaaccciiiiissstttt!!!”

  2. Fifteen armed men come to his house at night; that’s reminiscent of the Ku Klux Klan. Didn’t they ban the Klan? I know it goes against everything we were ever taught, but sooner or later, we are going to have to ban the Religion of Islam. Do we have to be so relentlessly stupid? I mean, yes, Islam is called a “religion”, but that’s only true in the sense that the Hell’s Angels are a ‘sporting organization’. Must we just keep on doggedly falling for the same dirty little trick, day after day, year after year? Yes, it’s clever, but don’t we ever get to cotton on?’ Islam is a criminal conspiracy and mosques are the headquarters. That’s the truth, even if they have dressed it up with a lie. The practice of Islam must be outlawed in the Civilized World.

  3. I may be reading too much into this, but with the recent “intimidation” attempts on EDL leaders by muslim thugs, I am getting the impression that the thugs, their cohorts and leaders are if not worried, then beginning to become so. What are they worried of?–that which they are sensing they have wakened.

    What do they do? Try to shut them up; try to put them back in their place of submission. Except it is not going to work. Not only do their actions expose themselves, the mettle of this group they are up against is not what they are used to, and it scares them.

  4. Wafa Sultan talks at the beginning of her book about how those who she speaks out against inevitably start yelling and shreiking at her – this is their response to the truth being spoken about their ‘religion of peace’. They can’t bear to hear the truth – just can’t deal with it – and they inevitably resort to intimidation in order to silence anyone who doesn’t give a monkey’s chuff about their blo0dy ‘prophet’ and starts telling them what every morally sane person on the planet actually thinks about them. If verbal intimidation doesn’t work – which it’s not going to do with the EDL lads – then they’ll inevitably ratchet the intimidation up to the next level. Where will this end? Well we all remember what happened to Theo van Gogh. Mind you, he was an unhealthy, overweight chainsmoker who didn’t expect what was coming. Guramit Singh and Kevin Carroll? A different kettle of fish altogether.

  5. If the RoP murders Gurmit or any members of the EDL, I predict a hell breaking lose. If they murder Gurmit, then the Sikh community, which has been silent so far, will go on the march.

    Sikhs know why their religion was founded- to oppose the atrocities of invading Muslims.

  6. Well said Zilla. Where is the media outcry against infidelphobia as exhibited here. I must say as a peadophile prophet I need more people like Gurmit Singh and Tommy Robinson on my side. I always get the usless inbred losers who can not even finish off an old Motoonist let alone a guy like Gurmit who is in his prime and looks ready for battle.

  7. Sparky
    ” What are they worried of?–that which they are sensing they have wakened.”

    I think you might be right. One thing I have noted often, in my writing on islam, is that they never know when to shut the f%$# up!
    The best argument against islam is muslims being muslims.
    The famous quote from ‘The Gates of Vienna’ says it all:
    “I’ve never felt a particular need to defame Islam, since Islam is perfectly capable of defaming itself.”
    Unfortunately, a lot of innocent people get damaged while the thick bastards we call ‘government’ try and decipher what seems to be code to them but is bleedingly obvious to everyone else-
    Islam isn’t a religion of peace!

  8. Chris it is more like the early stages of the Nazi oppression that led up to Kristal Nacth (sp), early on they would stand around and threaten or intimidate the Jews. If this isn’t stopped fast within a year they will be breaking into the houses to murder the people inside.

  9. That’s right, Richard, and if the British police don’t make a big deal of showing their disapproval for this, it will continue and grow because it’s so damned effective. I know that in many Muslim countries, mobs appear at people’s doors with great frequency, but in the West it is extremely rare. If the British police don’t want it to get less rare in Britain, they had better make their point, and make it stick. But hey, we know they won’t…

  10. This is because the left has spend so much time and effort in saying everyone thinks alike, that means the police can do what they would if a Welsh or Irish mob was doing the same. To say they have to react differently because this is a Moslem mob made up of mostly Pakistanis would be racism and they would be fired for it.

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