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4 Replies to “Lars Hedigaard aquitted on ‘hate speech’ charges”

  1. We have won another one, we can’t expect to win all of the battles but we must win the war.

    The man is right the left wants to silence all critics to stop them from telling the truth about the policies of the left.

    Please remember that with the exception of Britain and Switzerland democracy is only about 60 years deep in Europe, a lot of them long for the good old days when the government ran everything.

  2. I don’t consider this a win, as the basis for dismissing it was that he had not intended this to be published. In essence, it is a guilty verdict but a loophole albeit provided by the other side.

    I see this as the worst kind of loss. We lost freedom of speech and do not even have a martyr to rally around.

  3. Sorry I didn’t listen to the whole thing, yes that is a loss, and the prosecutor may have decided to show the loophole so we won’t have a martyr to rally around. Don’t worry in the near future there will be a lot of martyrs. And probably sooner then either of us realize.

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