At the end of a day of horror, something to give a little hope.

Thanks Quickgate for sending me this video. These all seem like really nice people. And they give one hope that a good outcome is possible. At the end of a day like today, it is really good to see a number of people from Muslim countries and families that managed to free themselves and speak out for the best attributes of mankind.

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2 Replies to “At the end of a day of horror, something to give a little hope.”

  1. Brave and foolish.

    Now each and every one of these people are targets not only of Muslims, but fundamentalist idiots in Christianity and Judaism (though there aren’t many violent fundy Jews around, thank G*D…).

    But why place yourself in a pool of sharks during a feeding frenzy?

    To make a point that western philosophers have been making for over 200 years?

    Brave and foolish never won the war.

    Brave and strategic did.

    I wish them well, and that their message finds listeners throughout the Muslim world who understand and will try and stop the international jihad that we now face.

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