Quebec’s neonazis stage boycott demo of Montreal shoe store.

Above is a couple of screen captures of the website, where the MNRQ stands for ‘Revolutionary Nationalist movement of Quebec’. They seem to feel that the national zeitgeist of Quebec is one of Palestinians and Quebecers if we read that web page correctly.

I would welcome any guesses as to what the symbols at the top in their coat of arms might mean or refer to. Interesting shapes and images for sure.

(No longer any need. Read down. The symbols and meanings have been found.)

The page starts with the assertion that St. Denis St. is a ‘non-apartheid’ zone. It then goes on to invite its members and sympathizers to protest to make St. Denis ‘free of apartheid and to witness the togetherness of the ‘Quebec population and the Palestinian population’, which of course, does beg the question, who are the Quebec population?

One might be concerned a bit over the choice of words. While it doesn’t quite say National Socialist, it seems to suggest that iconography with the word, Nationalist. Frankly I am a nationalist myself but add that to socialist and you have something quite different.

The page goes on to talk about picketing the shoe store in Montreal that sells the ‘Beauty-feel’- brand of Israeli made shoes.

Beyond the date and time and location, not much else there. I would be interested in peoples comments as to the symbolism and so on of this site however. Or if anyone knows anything more about this particular movement.

Eeyore for Vlad with special thanks to Bad-Faun for the tip and Bear for the patient translation.


Thanks to Bigcitylib who commented below, I was able to google search for the particular symbol I was curious about and found this:

From this website:

This symbol described here does look suspiciously a lot like the one in the lower right of the crest of the Nationalist site of the people organizing the boycott of the shoe store. This would tend also to cast some doubt on the notion that this is merely political criticism of Israel and it’s policies and tend more to suspect that this is raw, old fashioned, knuckle-dragging Jew hate.

On the bottom left of the Quebec emblem is an eagle. A Millar found the following:

Here is an interview with the founder of the National Bolshevik Party called, ‘Each year I get closer to Islam’

The following also courtesy of Mr. Millar:

Nationsal Bolshevism is a neo-fascist movement, drawing together aspects of the extreme Right and extreme Left (like National Socialism), and inspired by Hitler and Stalin.

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  1. The one on the upper left is from the old French Royalty, the name is fer de leis (the last word is a guess, I don’t remember more) the one on the upper right is likely to be the French fur trappers and traders that settled Quebec. I just googled the French coat of arms and the old Bourbon coat of arms had three of the upper left items as the entire coats of arms.


    THe above link will show all who is this Jean Roch Villemaire.

    Another over stuffed clown from the Quebecois intellectual community.

    Has no idea nor does he want to know who is financing Quebec health care:

    I assume he wears a kafiyeh when he masturbates.

    Quebec has a date with Islam and that day is approaching. The Quebecois and Quebecoises of Quebec are not into having families.

    But Muslims are.Tick tock tick tock,,,

  3. Hammer and Sword is a Neo Nazi thing.
    Eagle with sword is, I think, an old Prussian symbol.
    Top left is Fleur De Lis (sic),
    top right I don’t know but I’ve seen it before.

    Google his name and you’ll see he’s a whack job.

  4. The top right is a habitant rebel “patriote” of the Lower Canada Rebellion of 1837. The Marxist separatist terrorists of the FLQ used it as their logo.

    BTW, I just Googled for an image of it starting with “lower canada rebellion” and before adding “patriote” or “FLQ” as I intended, Google popped up images just for the Rebellion and the third image shown is from Dr Dawg’s blog of a so-called “muslim patriote 1 jpg”. So maybe Quebec’s Moslem radicals or their leftist friends have co-opted the FLQ’s image?

  5. Actually the sword and hammer symbol is that of folk and faith. it means christian from the first century, and is generally linked to strasserism, which is to the left of hitler and victim of the purge in the night of the long knives.

    Quebec and the muslim world have a certain temporary common destiny due to the fact that most quebecois are catholic and canadians+ usa are protestant. we were opposed in majority to the war in iraq just like france when it was declared. the problem is not the muslim religion, it is the zionist elites and the slow birth rate.

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