A French Intifada

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A process described by some as the Islamization of Europe, by others as the failure of Europeans to integrate Muslim immigrants, has reached a breaking point in France. One of the most troubling manifestations of this discord is the development of a particular type of violence that is more than the sum of its parts. A sampling of this year’s news reports reads like a catalogue of stomping, stabbing, shooting, torching, and sacking; attacks on teachers, policemen, firemen, old ladies, and modest retirees; turf wars, tribal fights, murder over women, over attitude, over nothing; dead youths, murderous youths, bodies scattered across a national battlefield.

Is there a connection between the endless series of seemingly disparate criminal incidents and markers openly displayed in insurrectional riots and demonstrations—kaffiyeh face masks, Hezbollah flags, intifada slogans, Islamic chants? A general French tendency to withhold information and a deliberate decision to avoid ethnic and religious symbols leads to white noise coverage of criminality. Names, photos, and background information about perpetrators, suspects, and victims are usually suppressed, especially those that might create a negative image of Muslims.

In May 2004, tens of thousands of mostly Jewish marchers in Paris protested terrorist attacks against Israeli civilians and the thousands of attacks against French Jews tallied since the September 2000 outbreak of the “Aqsa intifada.”

Yet there is ample evidence that immigration has brought specifically Islamic antipathy to Jews, contempt for Western values, and other antisocial attitudes reinforced by religious zeal and aggravated by the clash between an authoritarian family structure and permissive French society. Many second and third generation, French-born Muslims, anxious to separate themselves from a “French” identity they reject, are no less vulnerable to these influences than recent immigrants.

A supposedly reassuring “it’s not Chicago” occasionally tacked on at the end of a report about a lawless neighborhood adds to the confusion. In fact, it is not Chicago but more like Algiers, Jenin, or Bamako.

Gaza on the Seine

“We don’t want to import the Mideast conflict.” These soothing words were repeated by officials from Left to Right every time Muslim rage over supposed Zionist persecution of Palestinians was “avenged” by violence against Jews in France, notably the countless attacks against Jews tallied since the outbreak in September 2000 of the “al-Aqsa intifada.” Initially dismissed as “insults and bullying,” the worst wave of anti-Jewish aggression since World War II was subsequently attributed to the quirky import of a “foreign bug” that troubled harmonious relations between local Jewish and Muslim communities. Meanwhile, the media were importing the conflict with all their might, pro-Palestinian nongovernmental organizations were agitating, and peace marches against the Iraq war blossomed into punitive actions against Jews.

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  1. Things are getting scary, all of Europe are heading towards chaos and massive violence. I keep reading people saying that this country is lost, or that country is lost and implying that we should abandon those countries and concentrate on those that can be saved. If this is low intensity warfare (it sure fits the definition) then we have to fight in all nations, because as long as one nation remains free the others can be freed, but as long as one nation in Western Europe is controlled by the Moslems all are lost. This war is like WWII, we have to remove the Moslem control of portions of all nations in Europe and the US or all nations will be lost to them.

    The coming chaos and violence is being sought by the Moslems so they can take over, and by some members of the left so they can take over. This is a three or more sided war, not a two sided one. This is why when something happens we don’t want to jump to conclusion that it was the Moslems, or the left. Both groups are capable of making attacks to be blamed on the other side. The left is especially good at this.

  2. I agree Richard, the clock is ticking and time is running out for the French. The blame lies on both the Government and the citizenry. The government and the useless political class more concerned on staying in office rather than have some balls and confront the destruction of their nation. They have failed the basic duty of government the safety and security of the citizens and the state. The French public are complicit for not demanding that the problem be addressed, but are content to wallow in there soon to be eliminated socialist paradise, the fools have placed too much faith in the socialist system and expect the government to solve all of their problems and care for them from the cradle to the grave.

  3. One thing I like about the French. They have a reputation, for putting the elite to the guillotine. And the political elite know it. It is why they cave the moment there is a mass demo.

    In the Anglo-sphere, the ruling elite have no fear of the citizenry, as we have never taught them a lesson.

  4. Big Frank the clock is ticking on everyone right now, we aren’t in as bad a shape as the French but we are in trouble, and we are going to have to help Europe with at least one and more likely two Fifth Column’s in the US. As much as I hate to say it we have to help them, we need a free Europe as much as they need a free US.

    DP when the French do take out their rulers they tend to put dictatorships in their place, between the revolution and when Napoleon seized control France was a hell hole, and after Napoleon seized control it was not much better.

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