Islamists Face off with English Defense League in Canada

By Christine Williams, News Real Blog

A Toronto rally signifying a push by the English Defence League(EDL) in Canada drew heated protests from placard-waving demonstrators hollering:  “EDL go to hell” and “neo-Nazi fascist thugs”.   Protesters blocked the street and 4 people were subsequently arrested with one police officer requiring medicaltreatment.

The EDL is an anti-Islamist group, whose leader– Tommy Robinson–was communicating with supporters over the internet outside the Toronto Zionist Center while protests smouldered. He was using a video feed over a movie screen which read:  “Canadians wake up.  The Islamicization of your country is on its way.”

The Canadian Jewish Congress opposed the efforts of the EDL with a statement from its CEO Bernie Farber:

Islamic fundamentalism is a real threat. But fighting it with generalized hatred against Muslims, as does the EDL, is only a recipe for fuelling more conflict.

We join with all the leading British Jewish organizations in condemning the intolerance and violence that the EDL represents. full story

Racism is a serious issue that needs to be battled.   Islamists recognize this and use it as a cover. They are adept at wielding the propaganda stick. One method is to rally against groups that stymie their cause by levying accusations of racism.  This includes opposition against the nation of Israel, deeming it to be a racist, ‘apartheid” state.

An open letter signed by two dozen activist organizations ‘warns’: “The English Defence League is a far-right extremist organization,”

Now take a look at the groups among these activist organizations:

  • the Ontario Coalition Against Poverty which arranged an aggressive: “Can’t stop.  Won’t stop.  March with Queers Against Israeli  Apartheid” campaign.
  • Queers Against Israeli Apartheid , a gay group that believes they would be better received in Muslim regimes.
  • The Canadian Arab Federation (CAF), whose leader Khaled Mouammar refers to Israel as the “Israeli Apartheid Regime” and a “pariah state”, and has further urged the Canadian government, churches and unions to join forces and push for divestments and sanctions against Israel. The CAF also went on a vigorous lobby against Canada as it sought representation on the UN Security Council, falsely accusing Canada of being anti-Muslim and anti-Arab.

And, Wayman Bennet–Joint Secretary of the organization United Against Fascism– issued a farcical comment:

the EDL’s attempts to present itself as opposed to Islamist extremism rather than Muslims was “a bit like the Ku Klux Klan saying they’re not against all black people…”

Bennett ‘forgets’ a few facts:  that blacks did not have a political agenda of global Jihad; that blacks were discriminated against based on race not based on their aggressive perpetration of war to conquer.

A public response from the English Defense League…..

“We do not urge you to hate every Muslim in Canada, we ask you to empower the good Muslims so they can fight their 7th century counterparts, we ask you to join us in the truly global fight against radical Islam.”

****Note carefully:  “we ask you to empower the good Muslims”

The EDL makes a clear distinction between Islamists and ‘good Muslims’.  Groups like the EDL stymie the drive of Islamists, so the latter fight back by: deceptively arousing sympathies from anti-racism groups, working the propaganda campaign about Gaza,  and arousing fear in immigrants about racism. No one is more racist than Islamists where slavery still exists in Maurantania and blacks are slaughtered in Darfur, yet Waymann Bennet puts forth a cockamamie KKK argument.

Only in one week Canada saw:

Whatever issues one may have with the English Defense League is allowed in a democracy,  but we will be better off  to heed the warnings of the EDL: “Canadians wake up.  The Islamicization of your country is on its way”;  not only in Canada but in all Western Democracies.

17 Replies to “Islamists Face off with English Defense League in Canada”

  1. Do not trust the Canadian Jewish Congress. Full of judenrats and other insider weasels.

    THis is the secret society in the Jewish Community. They hold close door elections and speak for only themselves.

    They will happily sell out their fellow jews in a heartbeat. And they have numerous times. But we really do not know because they meet politicians and make agreements on behalf of jews who know nothing about them.

    They never, never supported Howard Galganov in his struggle for non-francophone rights in Quebec.

    In Montreal, they answer the phones saying ” shalom, bonjour”.

    1) Few jews in Montreal really speak Hebrew. Most speak ENGLISH
    2) The only official Canadian language they use to answer the phone is french.

    As far as the British Judenrat Congress, forget about them too.

    In fact, forgetabout many of the Jews in England because Jews, in general, like being under the whip.

    Like DEVO says ” Whip it, whip it good..”.

  2. DP111
    Benjamin Netanyahu was asked that same question and the perplexed look that came across his face was priceless. I think the answer to your question is that no one has a clue why so many Jews vote for their own executioners. Really…it’s one of the wonders of the world. It’s exasperating.

  3. I think it has to do with the appeaser idea that if you feed enough people to the crocodile it will either get full and leave or will eat you last. Either that our they hate themselves and others of their religion.

  4. Thanks all.

    Jewish leadership behaviour is truly irrational.

    Could it be some sort of Stockholm syndrome – Jews having been victimised and persecuted for so long, that they instinctively prostrate themselves before their persecutors.

  5. DP you could be right, I hadn’t thought about it but it could be that over the centuries without a homeland appeasement was bred into the DNA of some of the Jews while others are reverting to the Hebrews of the Bible. This bears some more thought.

  6. Richard

    Another clue is that Jewish humour, particularly Yiddish, though penetrating and witty, is aimed more at the Jews rather then their enemies. This is quite unlike that of other people around the world.

  7. The author of this article, as well as most people who commented on it, are ignorant xenophobes who believe everything they see in mainstream media. Wake up…Israel IS an apartheid state; the Palestinian people are suffering at the hands of the Israelis, and it has nothing to do with people being Muslim or Jewish. An oppressor is an oppressor, no matter what the religion or culture. Furthermore, just because 9/11 happened, and some Muslim group claimed to have orchestrated it, does not mean that Muslims are trying to “take over the world”. Most are just trying to live their lives without being discriminated against and treated like second-class citizens. There are good and bad people in every religion. One religion is not “worse” than any other or “better” than any other. Lastly, you people need to start doing your own research and start thinking for yourselves. The term “jihad” has nothing to do with a physical war…educate yourselves on Islam before you say uneducated things about it.

  8. If those evil intolerant islamics wish to support an islamic palestinians, that is their problem, but I as a nonbeliever who had been discriminated by islamics and suffered so much living in a horrible islamic infested environment, am of the opinion that evil, intolerant Islamist extremism is really worse than any Ku Klux Klan.

  9. I don’t even care about the “good” ones, they still have no business being here – and if they hadn’t been allowed in in the first place, they wouldn’t have ever BEEN a worry.

    They wanted whitey out of their countries, why the hell did they follow us to ours? Just to be bugs?

  10. EDLrs unite ! you shout Jihad!!! I say bring it ON you @#$%^* . Ohnestly islamist are like those anoying flies too dum to find the opening in the window smart enough to evade but eventually the window screen goes up and it on the wall gets smashed!
    White man are concoures Alexander Great, Napoleon, Stalin, Hitler sooner or later one like that will be born and this time the jihadist will be wiped out. Do not get angry at me I love peace but that’s just the way thing go.

  11. I am personally DISGUSTED by the SPINELESS COWARDS that call themselves our ‘elected officials’ ie- the government. I Cheered out loud when I heard the Aussie PM’s advice for us to ‘Grow a Backbone’ a while back He’s SPOT ON! If there’s an EDL Chapter in Toronto, I’m joining. From what I’ve seen and Heard from Tommy Robertson, I couldn’t argue a single word. It really is time to WAKE THE F*@% UP.

    I’ve got friends from lots of different backgrounds, religions, faiths, etc. and through rational, respectful debate we’ve all agreed that what is going on seems to be a designed, systematic infestation of the country in which we live.

    I’m forming a chapter of the EDL. And I’ve got a smash of people with me.

    IMHO~ You DARE come into my birthland spreading these seeds of hate because you’ve been brainwashed from childhood by a 7th century book, act this crap out and continue to perpetuate these beliefs??? Not a chance! Keep that Crap in your OWN country, or face the growing wrath of people like me.

  12. Wow Sarah, you really do believe that propaganda don’t you, I have done my research thanx and Ive read the quran and hadiths (If you want to learn the true ideals of a religion read its holy book) and studied all three of the Abrahamic faiths. Yes Jihad does mean war. it also means sell your soul, pay a special protection tax or death. no freedom of speech, and do as your told and don’t question the imam or else get whipped or stoned to death. Gays and Lesbians hung. slavery, or sex slavery. A perpetual dictatorship where you have no say in government. it is not racist to debunk a religion, it is philosophy. Israel is not an apartheid state it has 2 million arab citizens who are mostly muslim (all who have freedom of religion), Israel has a charter of rights that include all the freedoms we enjoy here in the west. No muslims are harassed in Israel, On the other hand all non muslim minority’s in the muslim countries are harassed every way possible including death for some perceived slight yet I don’t hear you raising a peep over this! Why?you are the one who is sold by the mainstream media to the point you sound like a parrot. And; while we are on the subject, maybe you should do some more research yourself, go to U tube, news broadcast from all over the world are there. Muslim leaders are telling us on a weekly basis peace to them means the destruction of the nation of Israel, and that Islam WILL conquer the west. They’ve even told us they’ll do it through immigration! The quran even predicts a time when muslims will genocide Jews. There is muslim violence all over Europe with these same patterns no go areas for non muslims in western nations!. Islamophobia (They saw how effectively the Gay community used Homophobia to combat queer bashing and other hate crimes) does not exist, it was a made up catch phrase made up by CAIR (Council of American Islamic Relations) to stymie debate under the guise of racism. A phobia is an irrational fear (Such as the fear of Gays Hence Homophobia) fearing a stealth conquest when the aggressors state their intentions openly is not an irrational fear. You do sound rather educated though I must admit, but i’m sorry sister, someone fed you a line of sensitive politically correct government approved shit

  13. Can I just ask. Why is there an EDL chapter in Canada? Shouldn’t it be the CDL, as in, the Canadian Defence League??? I agree with the EDL on the Islamic issue, but seriously. Research these guys and you realize they are going the wrong way about there operations. In England, they are recruiting football hooligans and working class thugs. THESE PEOPLE have also contributed to Western decay, as much as the Islamic fundamentalists have. So have the Occupy Wall Street communists. It’s time to close down these “defence leagues” and come up with a SMARTER movement dedicated not only to pushing Islamicization back into the Middle East, but also tackling the enemies of capitalism in our own lands. We need to wipe out “ghetto culture” and all that comes with it, end moral decay in our countries and imprison all the scumbag drug users and benefit thieves. We can still save the West if we act now.


    We, in the West, have made the mistake of protecting religious freedom.

    So now we have to allow and even PROTECT Islam.

    What we should have done is protected personal FAITH.

    And BANNED RELIGION as dangerous, misleading, arrogant, unproven, manipulative propaganda.

    It is not the Arabic races that I have an issue with. I have despised racism all my life.
    Because racism is mindless. I am offended by mindlessness.

    It is not the race that is the problem…it is the Religion. The Dogma.

    It is NOT HATE to oppose HATE.

    If the moderate Muslims are in the majority, why haven’t they turned in the Extremists? They are in a far better position to do than any Westerner.

    Islam has an agenda of world domination. Some over-zealous muslims even proclaim it proudly with placards in the streets of London.

    And the Westerners know it.

    And Islam KNOWS we know it.

    They are laughing up their sleeve at us because they’ve so far successfully used our own political correctness against us.

    There is a difference between TOLERANCE and POLITICAL CORRECTNESS.

    Tolerance is when we open our doors to different cultures and invite them in with full freedoms and rights and offer them access to our social support systems.

    POLITICAL CORRECTNESS is when they abuse it, seek to assimilate the very culture that welcomed them in, and then cry ‘racism!’ when anyone objects, so that everyone in the host country meekly submits to the rape.

    When you realize that your being played for a fool,
    when you realize the person your trying to dialogue with is twisting words around,
    when you realize that your opponent KNOWS that you KNOW they’re full of shit…

    …that’s when the time for talk is over.

    I am done talking to Islam.

    I tried.

    I encountered a mountain of bullshit and circuitous answers and endless arguments.

    Islam, if you think we’re racist….then why don’t we have the same problem with Buddhism?

    Now, what we need is not hooliganism…we don’t want to sink to their level and let them succeed in making Canada as much of a perpetual place of strife and cacophony as they have made their own countries.

    We need to organize.

    Start taking notice of what our political parties and MPs and leaders stand for, especially on the issues of immigration, foreign policy, energy, aboriginal issues, environmental issues, who is allowed to join police or military or run for office, and who our major Canadian industries are owned by.

    In WWI, Canada’s army was a force to be reckoned with. They were called Canada’s Greatest Generation. Strapping 15 yr old farm boys were lining up to lie about their age to enlist and fight.

    Now Canada’s military is milk and water.

    The Russians have something like 30 new ships in the Arctic.
    Three old boats.

    Canadian complacency and apathy are to blame….my own, included.

    We have brought this on ourselves…with our pissy politicians, Harper being first Bush’s bitch, and now China’s.


    With our whining about the noise windfarms make….Us! Canada!! a nation with a great expanse of Prairie!!!

    So we gobble up oil and drive SUVs and fill the Saudi coffers with over $500 billion a year, climbing over each other at the pumps whenever the price drops a few cents.

    I don’t want to hear any more whining about the noise windfarms make.

    It’s better than paying the middle east to rape us
    It’s better than water filled with carcinogens from fracking wastewater,
    It’s better than earthquakes brought on by rattling loose all of the shale under the Canadian Shield.

    We haven’t taken care of our shores…Canadian laws are the most lax and least enforced for foreign ships dumping bilge in our coastal waters, devastating our fisheries and waterfowl.

    Trying to save the Polar Bears? Trying to save the Tundra?
    Stop gobbling up fossil fuels!!

    With our treatment of our Aboriginals…lets think about that for a minute…here we are screaming about an invading religion taking over our country….i wonder what the Aboriginal community thinks of our complaint? Are they standing back with their arms folded and a wry smile on their faces?
    “Oh, yeah, that sucks…don’t you just HATE it when an entitled bunch of foreigners with no legitimate claim on your land comes in and just takes everything away from you, forces their religion and culture upon you and tells you that you should be grateful to them, because their way is the enlightened way? Don’t you just HATE that???”

    We need to organize.

    We need to carefully select leaders who are NOT racist bigots,
    who ARE educated and informed.

    We don’t need a Rush Limbaugh…but we DO need someone who isn’t the least bit afraid of political correctness…who is willing to speak truth into a hurricane of lies.

    We need muscle. Military.
    We need money.
    We need energy that isn’t Oil.

    I think we need to be accountable for having brought this upon ourselves.
    And maybe we deserve it…for our apathy, our complacency, our treatment of Aboriginal peoples, our abuse of the environment.

    But two wrongs don’t make a right.

    I for one feel it is probably already too late.

    But, I am willing to line up with those who ARE NOT racist but who ARE accountable and thinkers,
    and go down fighting.

    Finally, I ask the Christian westerner:

    according to your bible,
    God is the Way, the Truth, and the Light.

    The Truth?

    to be truthful includes having integrity, does it not?

    Then have the integrity to recognize that Christianity has paved the way for Islam in the west.

    Do Unto Others As You Would Have Done Unto You?

    When you try to impose your Christian beliefs on your non-christian fellow Canadians (or Americans), you are effectively doing the same thing as Islam.

    You are coercing people into living by Christian morals whether they would or no.

    When the rich man came to Christ and asked what he had to do to sit at the right hand of God in Heaven,
    Christ told him to go give away all his accumulated worldly wealth,
    and come follow him.
    The rich man went away sadly, unable to bring himself to do so.


    He did NOT follow him and threaten to take away his spousal benefits.

    Christ let people choose.
    Christians make choices for other people.
    That’s the difference between Christ and Christians.

    An abomination for a man to sleep with another man, the bible teaches.
    Fine, its an abomination.

    Let God deal with it.

    But Christians were specifically INSTRUCTED:

    And until Islam came along,
    I haven’t met a more judgemental or controlling group than Christians in the West.

    In the eyes of God,
    perhaps the gay man might be guilty of a sin of the flesh.
    A human fallibility.

    But the self-professed followers of Christ
    have DIRECTLY VIOLATED the instructions of God
    when they take it upon themselves to judge their fellow man.
    They take the mantle of God upon themselves.

    This is a worse sin, IMHO, than a mere sin of the flesh, committed by a weak human.

    And if God can see into the hearts of men,
    are you really accomplishing anything, anyway?

    It’s to accommodate YOUR comfort level…not God’s.

    It is time to face the fact that RELIGION SERVES MAN, NOT GOD.

    Paradoxically, science serves god better than religion does,
    because science uses the five senses
    and uses the human mind
    that god gave us
    to observe god’s creation
    and learn about it
    the HARD way.

    Instead of just taking a shortcut to getting all the answers we want about where we came from,
    and just taking someone’s word for it
    that the Bible (or the Qu’ran or the Torah or the Book of Mormon…whatever….)
    is actually the inspired word of god.

    ALL organized religion is dangerous.
    It embodies the insecure, codependent, controlling human nature.

    Sorry for the long post.

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