Mugabe and the White African

Here is a stunning documentary. This is the story about the genocide of the white people in Zimbabwe. How Mugabe forced the farmers off their land and why and most stunningly, how the world did absolutely nothing about it. Political correctness doesn’t just not help people under threat, it causes these things. Like Islam and its horrors against minorities in Muslim lands, political correctness made us look the other way or even approve of it when Mugabe committed genocide against the whites.

(note: I do not know or endorse the youtube channel or personnel who host this film, but I have seen the film and it is excellent and important)

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  1. Things like this are happening all over Africa, Zimbabwe is just more open about it, I have read reports (I don’t know how reliable) about how the political party of the current President of South Africa has plans to start a genocide on the whites after Bishop Tutu dies. One of the reasons I don’t know how reliable the reports are is that the people doing the reporting were associated with Eugene Terreblanc the white separatist or white supremest depending on which report you read.

  2. Richard such things can happen and the West is so busy discussing the Palastinians rather than gencocides against whites in Zimbabwe and against the blacks of Darfur. I am not deliberately going off the curve of this report by discussing the pallys but my point is they monopolise the discussion to such an extent any other atrocity is barely news. Let us wish the good people of Zimbabwe well. May they all live in peace and harmony and free from that monster gencocidal racist man Mugabe.

  3. arabconqueredpersian there are other reasons, first the racism of the left, since the blacks in Sudan are in Africa they could care less what happens to them, and as far as the whites are concerned the left thinks they deserve whatever happens to them because they are the descendants of of colonists.

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