So what is going on in Tunisia?

I, like many of you I’m sure, were wondering when we heard about the riots and coup if there was an Islamic angle here, or did they just wave around the red flag with the outhouse door on it  cause it is the national flag. Was this a coup of a nasty leader to be replaced with a less nasty leader? A common, run of the mill, 3rd world geo-political event? Or even more commonly, was this a coup to get rid of a nasty dictator to replace him with a worse one? The answer may appear to like in the video below:

Much more on this here:

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  1. Pay close attention to Egypt they are probably next, to be followed by Libya, Algeria and Morocco, not necessarily in that order. It is going to be a race between the Moslem Brotherhood and Iran to see who can take over the North African nations. The Caliphate is being reborn before our eyes, and out politicians are not going to act until the only way out of the situation is a major war. Welcome to the nightmare I have been seeing developing since 1992.

  2. This video shows one group. Was this video made before or after the leader fled?

    Was this the group resposible for the uprising?

    Were they a different group trying to take advantage of the situation once it started?

    Is this merely theater staged after the coup by the coup leaders to make it look like it was a religiously motivated so tunisians would give it support?

    It could very well be that that anyone could be behind this particular group and using all those buzzwords to gin people up and make the group look like it is about islamic ideals.

    Is associated with Hizbolah? I looked at the page and they were saying these people were religiosly motivated (though that’s standard arab world bs) and pointed out the protestors were calling for the “Khilafah” or “Khaleefah” which are different spellings for Caliphate.

    On a side note the guy leading them sounds like the personification of evil. It reminds me of that orc general howling on that rock just as the battle of helm’s deep begins.

  3. off topic, so what is going on in germany, if i am allowed. Me has seen a beautiful example of orwellian Newspeak, here comes the problem, it is german. Just a few excerpts, because it’s a bit too long and i am a bit too lazy (Link: )
    Green Party member Mürvet Öztürk wants to abolish term ‘Integration’
    Representatives from politics, Science and youth education ask for suppression of the concept of ‘integration’ […](Quote Öztürk) the word, in the debate caused by Thilo Sarrazin (ex-banker, wrote book critical of islam which made him a milionaire), has become a ‘political fighting word’. The terms ‘integration’ and ‘migration background’, as TS uses them are ‘discriminating and racist’. […] She recommended to replace the term ‘integration’ with notions like diversity, participation on society, pluralism or democracy. I especially like the last paragraph, how plain obvious can it be? They call that Loaded Language, don’t they?

  4. Islam, like Communism, both loves and fosters chaos. In the words of Saul Alinsky, “The message is never the message, the revolution is always the message.” I have no doubt that both groups are well represented on the streets of Tunisia. I guess those people now have the choice between the frying pan, the kettle, and the flaming cauldron. That’s about as good as it ever gets for Arabs. I doubt if the average Arab is personally civilized enough to live in a democracy, to take “no” for an answer when his party loses at the polls.

  5. Yeah and the chaos is spreading, two people set themselves a fire in Egypt and Murantina (sp), and Islamists protesters are taking to the streets in Jordan. The worlds hot spots are becoming hotter by the second.

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