First cousin inbreeding birth defects. In the UK.

This is really quite an extraordinary thing to see in the 21st century. In Western nations of course, we have known not to mate this way for hundreds of years. It really is stunning that the tax payers of Western nations have to pay the exorbitant medical costs of these kinds of birth defects of people simply because we cannot tell them that their primitive barbaric customs cause these conditions.

It is also amusing that the mother of these defective children blames Western medicine while simultaneously using the ‘Insha’Allah’ reasoning of Islam. It is gods will, but its the Kufar’s fault. I think its time Canada changed the status of England in terms of immigration, tourism and so on. We should treat the UK as we should, perhaps not do, treat Pakistan. With suspicion, caution and obstacles.

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  1. Given the way that the modern educational system refuses to teach there are a lot of whites who are ignorant about what causes birth defects, look at the way so many people bought into the hoax about the vaccinations causing autism (sp). This problem has no easy solution since we can’t expect the Moslems to change their culture to forbid first cousin marriages. If memory serves me right the west learned better in the middle ages, back then it took a special dispensation from the Catholic Church before close kin could wed. What is scaring me is that some people in the US are out to repeal all of the incest laws, and they have some doctors claiming there will be no health problem from cousins, Uncles and Nieces, even parents and kids having children. This is a problem that education should change but given the politically correct attitudes current power probably won’t.

  2. This may be the most single important weapon to defeat Islam’s expeditious weapon to take over the west: their high birth rate.

    In this case, within the west, so few subscribe to the letter of the word of Allah given through the Prophet that they have to, like a cult, marry within their own family cult members, to produce more fodder for the Shahid fold.

    Of course, this issue is rampant within Afghanistan and Pakistan, and also prevalent and increasing in other Islamic states.

    In their fanatical race to outbreed the infidel, Muslims have no compunctions in following their moon God’s law over scientific fact that marrying your relatives and having consanguineous relations will inevitably cause offspring with genetic defects. Instead, it becomes a test from Allah, or as this interview showed, blamed the “medicines” given by the doctor.

    Or maybe they already know the problem and don’t care, as the state funded services will become overburdened in an attempt to invoke economic Jihad at the social level.

    Either way, there oughta be a law.

  3. This has been a problem in the north of England for a good few years now.

    It is bleeding the National Health Service of money.

    People needing urgent surgery are having to wait, because of the drain on finances,, caused by these ignorant poeple.

  4. Eeyore wrote:
    “I think its time Canada changed the status of England in terms of immigration, tourism and so on. We should treat the UK as we should, perhaps not do, treat Pakistan. With suspicion, caution and obstacles.”

    That is a very good point. It sure looks like fanatical islamists enjoy safe haven in the UK. We hear more about cases of nasty “white” British people being culturally insensitive. We should definitely treat any citizen of the UK coming to Canada with caution. Unfortunately when it comes to Europe it does not end with the UK. No easy solution here I am aftraid.

  5. Yes the inbreeding is going to help the West resist the Moslem conquest, but as Shirl points out this is a drain on the health system, and the drain is going to get worse. Kaffir_Kanuck has it right about the Moslems having to marry close relatives to find brides that are true believers. Even that doesn’t always work, look at the number of honor killings or girls and women who are in hiding because their families want them to marry a close relative and they don’t want to. In the US we use to have a problem with inbreeding among the Appalachian hillbillies, this problem was solved after better roads and cars came to the areas and the families had access to people other then their close relatives. I wish this would work for the Moslems but it won’t, I really don’t know what will work over the short term.

  6. The desire to outbreed the kuffar just has not worked. They are minority in the world. The Kuffar outnumbers them by five to one. So we need to look at history. The brown circumcised man of allah loves to live in the desert. One can not have much population there as it is not fertile. Even if it was fertile at one stage or another the Brown circumcised man of Allah usually turns his environment into a desert. So this talk of outbreeding the kuffar is rubbish. Even now the middleast has small levels of population for each country and their birth rate is dropping like a stone. The talk of muslim breeding is the same old pattern of boasting that we see with the golden civilsation boasts, and arabs and persians are masters at it. Huffing and puffing is what they love to do. It is there favourite pastime and it really works. Some people even believe them and start lecturing you about the golden age and how they will outbreed everyone and Islam is the fastest growing religion etc. Chinese Buddhists and Indian Hindus are a whole different game, however with their 2 billion plus population, and yet because they are not into the boasting game like the Muzzies you never hear of them claiming to take over the world through over breeding.

  7. They have failed to outbreed the kuffar but they have beaten him in the inbreeding stakes. Phew! We are dealing with a minority which is inbred and stupid. I hear in Afghanistan a lot of suicide bombers die just because the commander gives them a hug before they go and boom they have both gone to allah! The level of operational incompetance is very high indeed. We see so many failures of suicide bombers and their islamic terrorism is not the same threat that a disciplined intelligent people would pose if they had the same degree of ideological commitment as the muzzies posses. Case in point the IRA in Britain was much more deadly in its long bloody history. Where the muzzies do well is in bribing politicians them with petro dollars and promising them votes. That usually gets the corrupt poloticians in the UK salavating.

  8. arabconqueredpersian

    You are wrong. Take NZ as a good example. The Muslim population there has double in 10 uears. It is now 10%, the point of no return.
    Many peopl;e say it will be the first western country under sharia law

  9. NZ will be the first Moslem country in the West only if the current trends continue, we are seeing the West start to wake up and fight back, if we keep fighting we will win in the long run. And even Styen who is pessimistic about Europe remaining free of Islam says that if the US holds out until 2050 the demographics will turn in our favor and the Moslem population will start dropping dramatically. That prediction also depends on the current trends remaining steady. If I and others are right about a major war coming in the near future the current trends will change quickly and drastically, with a major war being fought in Europe the Europeans are going to start fighting for their culture and to kick out the people they see as the invaders. Once this starts happening things are going to turn around quickly.

  10. My feeling is that the meme of muslim overbreeding is really effecting people’s judgment. There is not a muslim country that can match China’s population:1. 1,345,751,000. India is second in the world though 13 percent of its population is docile muzzie:1,198,003,000. So between them they have a kuffar population of roughly 2 billion 400 million. Just that easily outranks the muslims. Now Check out: True in the top then there is pakiststan, bangladesh, and indonesia but even taken together they amount to only a fraction of the manpower of China. So let us do some math:162,221,000 (bangladesh)plus180,808,000 (pakistan)plus229,965,00 equals: 572,994,000. The three top muslim countries can not even equal half the population of China. And let us not forget Indonesia and Bangladesh are not fully muslim. They have a huge numbers of pure Hindus, Buddhists etc. Plus half the population of Indonesia is not really muslim, though they are classified as such by the government under pressure from muzzies. They are in fact mixed. They believe in bits of Islam, Hinduism and Buddhism and animist beliefs. The arab middleeast countries have pathetically low populations and not a single one makes the top ten. Most big countries in Europe out rank them. France, Germany, UK and Italy have huge populations. Taken together we are talking in excess of a quarter of a billion just in four countries. Muslim boasting about population is similiar to their golden age of islam boasting so loved by arabs and their persian slaves. Same old thing. Things on the ground tell a different story. Even in the UK, the scene of so many scare stories about Islam taking over there are many places where there is not a single muslim or a single mosque in the countryside areas which comprise the vast land mass of the UK. Muzzies exist in the big cities along with Sikhs and their temples, Hindus and their temples and the recently arrived Polish Catholics who are talking over old churches and starting congregations all over the place. In the UK muzzies are not taking over the country despite all the talk. The ground where people walk, interact and live tells a different story. In the area of the UK in which I live there are no mosques. There are plenty of churchs of every domination, and a Mormon temple and a Sikh temple. I sometimes wonder how muslims reconcile reality with fact. If they are taking over the world how come all these churchs, and a couple of temples from the Mormons and Sikhs exist but not a single mosque. Strange. I too thought they were taking over the world or I have been told so; I just opened my eyes and saw the reality. Not true. They wish it was but we are back in wish land and when they start boasting it can be as if they are telling the truth. So you see even in the area where I live which is very mixed there is no mosque. Next time someone tells you muszzies are taking over the world just name an area with no mosque. Easy to do.

  11. arabconqueredpersian I haven’t run the numbers on this but suspect that what the people who are talking about the Moslems out breeding the Europeans are looking at is the higher percentage of births to population in the Moslem communities in Europe to the percentage of births among the Europeans as a percentage of population. The raw data supports the idea that the Moslems are out breeding the Europeans, but I suspect that if you do the research to run the numbers the much higher number of early infant deaths and birth defects due to in breeding come close to evening out the figures. I might be wrong but doubt it, I know from experience that the raw data in cost of manufacturing can lead you to many incorrect conclusion. To make intelligent decisions you need to break the data down to usable form. And don’t forget that a lot of the numbers the alarmists are using are coming from either Moslems or leftist governments that are taking Moslem numbers for fact.

  12. Yes Richard these figures are coming from the Moslems. Hardly a reliable source. In the UK the upsurge in births is from east europeans a fact noticed in a programm on the MSM here in the UK a while back. So there is conflicting data. In any case no poor group of people can keep breeding (and inbreeding at that!) forever without coming into contact with the economic reality of western life. The numbers trail off and things even out. Over the history of man Muslims have not outbred the Kuffar and now suddenly they are about to do so. How?! Muslims are liers. I see endless babies from East europeans in the UK and so I see with my own eyes and do not rely on figures from Moslems. The reason why I went into the raw numbers of population on the planet is to give some perspective to the issue. If this is a global phenomenon we should be worried. However, the numbers suggest that muslims are not that strong numerically, or for that matter in terms of technology or industry or brain power or morality. They are mighty in propaganda and politics and are the leaders in terrorism. I certainly do not see any takeover of the planet or the west by a bunch of inbred brown circumcised men. Why? The numbers on the planet wide scale do not support this postition, evidence on the ground does not support this postition, and history does not support this position.

  13. I thank you arabconqueredpersian I wasn’t looking forward to digging into the numbers, the reason they are currently breeding so fast is the welfare system that is paying for their kids. Poor people in a pre industrial agricultural society need the large families to work the farms and increase the amount of money brought earned each year. The reason that the Europeans and most Americans don’t have large families is that the industrial society we live in makes it hard for the poor people to support large families. When the modern welfare system was instituted the lowest of the lower class found that they could life quite well on the welfare payments for a large number of kids. It also increased the number of out of wedlock births since the government goes after the fathers to try and collect child support. The Moslems have moved into the west and discovered teh welfare systems the left created for us, they are now helping drive us bankrupt. There are a lot of people who think the left is out to bankrupt the west and create a series of civil wars so they can take control of the nations and do away with the messy elections that they have been losing in some countries. According to this theories the left is helping the Moslems to disrupt western society in order to further the lefts goals, I don’t agree with all of the theory but a lot of what they are thinking fits the facts. I think the Moslems are the short term threat to the west but Russia and the left remain the long term threat. Yes I do think that it is almost impossible for the Moslems to conquer the west, but they can do a lot of damage before they are defeated.

  14. Jihad watcher given the right stimulus just about anyone can be turned into a suicide bomber, but you have to have the right situation and target. In WWII one of the first if not the first Medal of Honors that were awarded was to a pilot that sunk a Japanese cruiser (I don’t remember if it was a heavy or light cruiser) by putting his fighter plane down the smoke stack. No one knows if he was alive when his plane went in or not, but this was probably part of the inspiration for the Kamikaze pilots in the last stages of the war. And the original astronauts were climbing on top of rockets at a time when a whole lot of the US rockets were exploding, they were volunteering for a suicide mission to be carried out on national TV. You haven’t been taught enough history to know about the number of people who have died for the better good of all. Despite what the left wants you to think all of the men who died at the Alamo stayed even though they knew they were going to die, they were experienced frontiersmen and combat soldiers even if they hadn’t been in an army before. They died to buy time for Sam Houston to organize the Army of Texas. The 300 at the battle of Thermopylae were holding the land not just because Spartans never retreated (In other battles Spartans retreated when that was good strategy) the main reason they stayed there was to buy time for the rest of the Greek Army to retreat and thus be preserved for later battles.

  15. You can go back into legends and read about Horatio at the bridge, how in the early days of Rome one man held the bridge over one of the rivers so that his men on the other side could destroy the bridge and thus save Rome.
    The big difference between the incidents that I have told you and the Moslems is the motives of the Moslems, they are motivated by religion and sex, they are raised in a culture where premarital sex is harshly punished, and booze and drugs are forbidden. If they become suicide bombers they not only advance the cause of their religion (at least in their own minds) and ascend to heaven where they are greeted by 76 virgins eager to have sex, and all of the rich food and booze they can eat and drink.

    Even today one of the worst mistakes you can make on the battlefield is to get a group of professional soldiers in a position where their only choices are surrender or die. You can take the land they are holding, but they will probably decide that they are going to teach you not to put pros in that position. They will use every dirty trick they have been taught and cost you more people then you think it is going to cost you.

  16. Thanx for those facinating history stories, Richard. Even the modern craze for Suicide bombing comes from a group known as the Tamil Tigers who waged a war with the Shri Lankan army and often quite imaginatively. One new idea was suicide bombing. Now for the muzzies it has become a postive mania. Very few people even know of the pivotal role of the Tamil Tigers in coming up with this technique. It has totally become the muzzie weapon of choice. I sometimes wish the Tamil Tigers had not come up with that one. I am sure as the muzzies turn up the violence even the stupidest poloticians are not going to start giving the religion of peace lecture. They will have to deal with the violence. At the moment they are good at giving the islam is the religion of peace lecture and dealing with the limited violence very well. When the balance of violence changes we will see a change among the political class with the exception of course of Obama who will give the religion of peace lecture to his dieing day.

  17. You are welcome arabconqueredpersian, my point was it doesn’t take limit intelligence to become a suicide bomber, some time high intelligence tells you that is the way to go, not often but sometimes. The Arabs took up suicide bombings after the armed Israeli citizens started killing the random shooting Moslem after the first shot, the Moslems decided that trading dead people on a one for one bases wasn’t cost effective and switched to suicide bombing. Personally I think suicide bombing is a self correcting problem, although the self correction can take a long time. Given enough time even the dumbest people will realize that the suicide bombings aren’t doing any good. And the bombings do get rid of the most fanatical. Just as the attacks in Afghanistan have gotten rid of almost all of their crack mountain fighters, the ones left are the ones who know enough to charge, and when that fails charge again. As I keep saying, if we don’t give up we can’t lose, in the long run the numbers are on our side.

  18. The Tamil Tigers employed a suicide bomber to kill the then prime minster of India who kept putting forward anti-Tiger policies. That was an effective strategic use of it but the muzzies seem to have made it the main weapon. However, though it has a long history in the third world countries by now it has yet to be tried on anything like that scale in the west. For some reason suicide bombing has yet to make a significant mark in the west. In the west it is the usual song and dance number with the politicians informimg us that Islam is the ROP and a golden ager civilisation operation which we need to respect. The blacks usually get involved at this point and say that Islam is the ancient religion of Africa! and that blacks designed the pyramids and all the phaorohs were black. The Persians come in and say there gold age civilisation piece saying they were the real deal behind it in any case guiding things from the sideline and we all need to respect and respect and respect. Sometimes they even tell you they are white! A few remnants of the army of Alexander are still there genetically and suddenly they are white! Reminds me of blacks in Sudan who say they are Arabs! Have you seen the seething masses in Tehran shouting death to america. Brown faces everywhere. Frankly I am sick of respect. The Golden agers can take a hike and take there silly stories with them. I will respect real achievement however and that is why I respect the genius of Jimmy Hendrix. No need for a golden age civilisation false stories and fake racial lineage when you are the real deal in terms of achievment.

  19. I take your point on the subjects, but technically at least some of the Persians are white, they are or were considered Caucasians and that is the designation of whites. My limited understanding of this argument is that the Fars district the true Iran is the ancestral home land of the Aryans, and that some of the migrated west into Europe while others remained in place. I do know that there are a couple of subgroups in India that are racial Caucasians and are as black as most Africans.

    As to the Moslems sticking with the suicide bomber even when it has failed to achieve their desired goal after several decades, this I will put down to limited intelligence.

    The blacks claims are partially based on politically correct educations and partially on thinking we are dumb, the only one I don’t find laughable is the one about Islam being the historic religion of Africa. The fact that the a lot of blacks actually believe this is sickening, the religion of the people that stated black slavery and continue to enslave blacks is their traditional religion shows the power or propaganda and the sad state of the worlds educational system.

  20. Another historical fact popped into my mind, the reason the Valkyrie plot to kill Hitler failed was because the bomber was determined to survive the assassination. If the Colonel Claus von Stauffenberg had stayed in the room to ensure Hitlers death WWII would have been over shortly after the assassination. He didn’t stay and the war was fought out with millions of women being raped by the Russians.

  21. Wow just think how quickly the war could have been over. If only. With the persians it back to unprovables. We can not go back in time to see. We do know how the Norwegians were white back then and are not now. With the Iranian people of that region it looks like they are in between India and Arabia. They are a mixture of the two. Certainly a lot of them have long noses like the arabs. In any case there are some dark norwegians and that does not mean that Norwegians are dark just like the fact that some Indians are lily white that does not mean that Indians are white and so on. I used to know an indian couple who were one hundred percent indian and they had a daughter with ginger hair. It happens sometimes. However to call an entire nation from that as being white is another matter. Sudan claims to be Arab. My point is that there is wannebe strain about the Sundanes and the Persian. They are black and seething brown with a deep hatred for America so a few whites and a few real arabs in the mix changes nothing as in the case of the couple I just mentioned. I guess the Sudanes are going to one day learn to love their negroness and the persians are going to have to learn to love thier seething brown faces shouting Death to America!

  22. True about the limited intelligence of the Muzzies. Will they ever give up. I guess not. I put that down to limited intelligence. Richard we have more of the same to come.

  23. I disagree on the point about caucasians. The caucasan people includes a white strain and a brown to black strain. The idea of caucasian is now thought to mean white from the tv cop shows but in reality from an anthrological point of view it is quite a broad group of people and taken as a whole the largest group of people on the earth with the Indians boosting the figures since they are also in this group.

  24. Any one can claim the anchestral home of the Aryans. Proof needed. The people of Persia are not called Aryans. This is an indian word. The Indians referred to themselves as such. It just means noble. The modern iranians got in the act with the coming to power of the Nazies and joined the club. That is when they changed the name of the country to Iran. They were never called Aryans by themselves and they then adopted the group think of the strongman of the time Hitler and his Aryan chit chat. Their own word for themselves is Fars. In any case we are drifting far from Islamic terror and so we may as well say that the wannabe nature of some countries is refelected in trying to be like a powerful man or groups. Sudan and Persia be yourselves. You are black and brown. Be what you are. Black and brown people who hate the Jews and America because you got conquered by the Arabs and that is how the Arabs think. Oh in that case in a twisted sort of way they are being themselves. Well Richard I have learnt something today.

  25. arabconqueredpersian the history books I read say different, but you may be right, they could have been written by people being influenced by the Iranians/perisians who were trying to grab some glory and suck up to the Nazi’s. I will be the first to admit that part of the history I have learned is wrong, but which parts? The history of the US and to a lesser extent the military history of some other nations are the areas I am interested in, my knowledge about the name Iran came from some passages in some old military history books and the authors could have been wrong. And yes we are getting far away from Moslem terror attacks and the inbreeding of the Moslems.

  26. arabconqueredpersian Sorry I didn’t make myself clear on the Caucasians, I was trying to make the same point, that not all Caucasians are whites although most people think they are. I was had a movie on to make some noise in the house and was distracted.

    On the point about the limited intelligence and more of the same to come, if my reading of history and the signs of what is coming is right we will look back on these days as the peaceful days. Please be careful, I enjoy our discussions.

  27. The Word Aryan was used in India 2500 years before the persians learnt this word from the Indians. The word Aryan is so part of the Indian pyche and language people even have it as first name. Sometimes the variation of the name Aryan is used and that is Arjan and this was the name of the friend and principle actor after Krishna in the Gita, the sacred text of the Vaisnava strand of Hinduism which finds its modern form in the Hare Krishna movement of today. Reza Shah changed the name of Persia to Iran only after sucking up to the strongman of the time Adolf Hitler. Hitler used the swastika which hindus have in their temple as the emblem of the Nazi party. Why did he not use an ancient persian symbol. He knew his stuff and he chose a Hindu symbol of Vedic times. In any case Richard we are getting off the topic of Islamic terror so I will leave it there. The main threat for us is the Arab religion of Islam. A much more potent brew than fake history.

  28. Richard you are too kind. In many areas I have also learned from you. I am especially pleased that we both think that the Nazism of Hitler was socialism of the National Kind. The day I learnt that piece of information (though I am not sure from where exactly now) it was a kind paradigm change in the way one think of the world of politics.

  29. I know what you mean, I was reading some book on Nazi Germany and they were talking about the way that the Nazi’s used government regulation to control industry and the private citizens. As I was reading this the news came on the TV and they were talking about how the Democrats were introducing all sorts of new regulations on everyone. A light bulb went off and I started researching what the Nazi’s actually stood for and where they came from. After that I keep pointing out that the Nazi’s started out as communists and left to create a new kind of Marxism, one that works. This is the kind of Marxism the left is using all around the world now, the only difference is that the left is trying to destroy all Nationalism and the Nazi’s used Nationalism to gain and maintain power.

  30. Shirl it is a great website that should convince most of the people who read it that the Moslems are the bad guys.

    arabconqueredpersian If you haven’t checked out the website yet please do so.

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