Man arrested in Canada for defending his house from fire bombing

H/T to Fred at GAR for telling me about this one, and to Daily Split for allowing me to re edit for brevity and ‘mirror’ on youtube. If this video tells us anything, it is that Canada urgently needs an equivalent to the US second amendment. Without the citizenry having the fundamental right to defend themselves and their property, we are at the whim of political fashion and those who control the state monopoly on use of force. This is a recipe for slavery sooner or later and in Canada, its a steady, slow ship towards it.

Please check Daily Split for more information and the full version of this clip and interview with the victim’s lawyer.

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4 Replies to “Man arrested in Canada for defending his house from fire bombing”

  1. WTF???????????????

    I’m glad he had security cameras on his property. The criminals knew about them since they wore masks, yet they were stupid enough to carry out their terrorist attack.

    Thats what is was, a terrorist attack and nothing less than that.

    The victim may not be an angel, for most Canadians who own firearms like that aren’t, unless they are police officers or military personnel.

    But this is utterly ridiculous.

    And why isn’t this on the front pages of every newspaper in the country?

  2. I don’t know what most Canadian gun owners are like but this man was justified in doing what he did, in my opinion he would have been justified if he had shot and killed the attackers.

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