Canadian arrested for defending his own home against a gasoline grenade

Canada urgently needs not just a second amendment, it needs a cultural shift to allow decent people the right to defend themselves and their property with firearms. This will not happen till Canadians realize that Government is not the answer to their problems as often as it is the source of them.

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4 Replies to “Canadian arrested for defending his own home against a gasoline grenade”

  1. It isn’t just Canada that needs the cultural shift, way too many places in the US would have arrested the man also, and if he had been in Britain he would be facing assault charges for shooting in self defense. Everywhere the left gains power they remove the right to self defense and take away the tools you can use to defend yourself.

  2. Since police are often unable (Or is it unwilling?) to protect shop keepers and other citizens from bandits, those citizens should take measures to protect themselves. As too many officials (Especially very “political” Police Chiefs) appears to frown on citizens having readily accessible firearms (Hand guns) to do so, I suggest that shop keepers keep ready and use one or more of the following: Gas or elastic powered fish spears; Ordinary harpoons; Nail studded baseball bats; Home made (Liquid Petroleum Gas) flame throwers; Sling shots” (Called “catapults” in the UK) with steel ball bearings as projectiles; Chain saws; Lead shot filled garden hose sections; Chinese style repeating cross bows; Batons plugged into wall current with sharp prong electrodes to jab into thugs; Old style “zip guns” using sharpened flooring materials as projectiles; Packets of red pepper dust to be followed with boots and clubs (The Iriquois have some nice designs); And, any number of other improvised weaIroquois>
    PS—I have a design for a WMD, roughly equivalent to a small tactical A-Bomb, which can be made up of materials readily available from your local hardware store, ship chandlers and filling station. You really should not worry about pistols and rifles!

  3. You are trying to get people thrown in jail for murder aren’t you? The weapons you mention are all lethal and some of them are illegal where I live, and we have lenient weapons laws.

  4. To “Richard”: As the police are usually too few and too late to defend innocents against criminal attacks, I am providing all with alternatives to firearms to allow such citizens as are attacked the means to enforce their Natural Law right to continued life without injury.

    If these devices are illegal where you live, I suggest that your elect such officials as will support the noted Natural Law right.

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