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12 Replies to “Hey look! Australia’s version of Anjem Chaudery except without the charisma and only half the charm.”

  1. And the left wants us to be tolerant of people like him, if he were a Christian minister making statements like that the left would be calling for his execution.

  2. Gene it is sick, that is why people say they are stuck in the 7th Century, although I don’t think many Christians were that fanatic in the 7th Century.

  3. I have been following this guy for a while now, Mr. Siddique-Conlan is an architect who espouses that buildings should always be dourly islamic in design. In his spare time he runs sharia4Oz. Interestingly he was getting panned by most users on aussiemuslims.com asking him to expressly state that he does NOT speak for all Muslims but the thread seems to have been heavily modified to delete most replies. A real pity as he was hoisting himself pretty high on his own petard. Even posted a letter he had purportedly recieved from Anjem Choudery egging him on.

  4. This cretin is an out-and-out traitor against his own race , heritage, religion and culture without question.

    Again, what is it that the Qur’an decrees should be the just punishment for aspostates and traitors?

    Aah yes, death

    Wakey, wakey, Western man/woman!!!!

    There’s nothing like play the tyrant at his own game using his own rationale.

    After all, non-stop mounting evidence over the last 40 years or so is showing us that in the case of the opportunistic Muslim invader breed in particular, the above approach definitely works every time!!!!

  5. So if this idiot had his mother raped, under sharia if she does not have four witnesses he would stone her to death. Under sharia he could give his nine year daughter to get married to man of fifty. Brilliant. This is sharia and this idiot is trying to sell it. Best of luck moron. Most people are waking up. Even the sheeple are seeing Islam as nothing more than imperialism of the arab kind. By seeeing things racially the Sheeple are joining the dots. Seeing things racially is easier for the sheeple and it is a no no for the Jew and West hating lefties . But who cares about the West and Jew hating lefties! Not me!But people still have an inbuilt mechanism that sees a lot of brown men with hatred in their hearts for the West as not being a good thing for them no matter how it is spruced up to look good. A racial awakening among western people will be a good thing in the struggle against Islam.

  6. All mosques should be officialy bulldozed, preferably while all these useless mentally handicapped retarded raving loonies and followers of No Ham Ed are still inside.

  7. All countries in the west need a spokesman for Islam who is honest. We have an excellent spokesman in Anjem here in the UK. Now this bozo is doing the same for Oz. He is on the side of the counterjihad. He tells it like it is. He is no lier. We do not need any more of the tie and shirt brigade with the religion of peace mantra which is what the media salivate over. We want the real deal!

  8. arabconqueredpersian you are right, we need someone like him in all western nations, and people who will broadcast his statements.

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