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3 Replies to “Video of cheering crowds for the guy who murdered the minister of Punjab”

  1. I think Richard it is more a storm in a teacup. These days things like this are a normal occurence. What day does not go by without a death or two from the ROP. Ok this is a bigger kill but in that it was not anyone but a person who had some intelligence and position but the fact remains the ROP is doing what it does best. So in a few days it will be forgotten and things will continue as normal ie more of the same from the ROP. I am beginning to feel that any attack unless it involves a majory number of deaths in the West will not wake up anyone. Evn the recent attack (killing quite a few people) by a pyschiatrist on the miliatry barracks where he worked had all the politicians fast asleep and talking about diversity and the tolerant peaceful religion of Islam. What does it take to wake people up?

  2. arabconqueredpersian over there it is a tempest in a teapot, but over here it can be used to change a few minds in the blissfully ignorant middle, the ones who don’t bother to read and decide for themselves. Things like this make even them think if presented by the MSM.

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