1. Holy Night
    Cantique de Noël – Jonas Kaufmann

    Here is an interesting example of a singer who sings in two languages, one after the other. He sings the first part in the original French (not his native language), then switches to his native German. His voice in the first part is good, and the words are clear. But listen to what happens when he changes language. Suddenly the tone is more plangent, more resonant, the words more heartfelt, the high notes thrilling.

    Is this because he is more at ease in his native tongue, or because he wanted to build up in power as he progressed? (Or did the engineer turn up the volume on the second part?)

    Kaufmann is one of today’s best-known German tenors who sings in different languages. The video is from the 2008 Dresden Adventskonzert.


    This is the measure of our civilisation, not just science and technology but breath taking art and music, of which the EU has no clue.

    Happy Christmas everyone.

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