AQAP Banned by Canada

Here is a CTV clip of this policy. But I have to say, I watched this clip and three more about the arrest of a dozen men in the UK who are alleged to be planning a terror attack on England. Yet none of these four clips mention Islam or Muslims. In one, they ruminated as to the origins of these men as Bangladeshis or no, as if somehow that was a factor. To the best of my knowledge, Bangladesh is not at war with the UK.

The other clips are all up at

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  1. Barrack Obama said, “America is at war…with al-Qaida”. Now everybody has to play the little paradigm game of always judging terrorists on the basis of how closely tied to al-Qaida they can prove they are. If they don’t have and up-to-date al-Qaida membership in their pocket, then it sort of doesn’t count. As we all know, saying what Barry said would be like Churchill saying that Britain was at war with The Luftwaffe.
    A Muslim with a bomb is a Muslim with a bomb. We are at war with the religion of Islam and it matters not to which other organizations they also belong. This is called obfuscation and it is being used by the enemy to keep the public’s attention off the real enemy, which is of course, Islam. Why is the President of the United States delivering an Islamist Psychological warfare package like that?

  2. Because if he admits Islam is trying to destroy us he would have to defend the US, since he wants the US weak and possibly destroyed he won’t do anything to defend it. Read “The Roots of Obama’s Rage” I don’t agree with all of it but a lot of what is said has the ring of truth.

  3. We can ban whatever group we want. The truth is that we have not banned the very ideology that makes these groups work: Islam.

    Make Islam an ideology that no-one would seriously believe and you may get somewhere in this war against terror. Banning groups only makes them change their names and locations to better serve their masters in Riyadh, Cairo, Tehran, Tripoli…

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