‘Mother cuts out the heart of her daughter, four, as she listens to recording of Koran in ritual killing’

A mother has been arrested after a four year old girl was found stabbed to death with her heart and other organs cut out and strewn around her flat.

The 35-year-old woman was allegedly sitting in a her kitchen chanting verses of the Koran as her daughter’s disembowelled corpse lay next to her.

The little girl’s heart and other organs were found in different rooms around the flat in Clapton, east London.

Police suspect she she carried out the killing as a religious offering as she listened to the Muslim holy book on an MP3 player at full volume.

The mother, who is understood to have two teenage children of 14 and 16, has since been sectioned under the Mental Health Act and is in a secure unit.

The gruesome scene was discovered by the girl’s father when he arrived home to the flat on Thursday to find his partner clutching a kitchen knife.

The man, believed to be a Muslim convert, dialled 999 and paramedics pronounced the girl dead at the scene. Police said next of kin have been informed.

One neighbour, who lives in the downstairs flat and asked not to be named, said: ‘I was feeding my daughter her lunch at about 3pm and suddenly heard horrific screaming. It is shocking and so upsetting.’

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  1. Not nice anon… Clearly this is a case of mental illness. Nobody deserves to have this happen to them.

    Is there a muslim ritual like this, anyone? I doubt it.

  2. Whatever happened it’s clear that this act of barbarism was fueled by the ideology of the Koranus.
    Yet another Mohammedan misanthrope with mental pathology.
    And what do our polititions say about this prevalent malady?
    Nothing! because to do so would conflict with the inane party line.
    How many more innocent victims of the egregious death cult must there be
    before something positive is enacted to counteract this filth?

  3. My first thought was that the woman had to have been the product of way too much inbreeding, this was an act of insanity not religion. I don’t like the Moslems (as all of you know) but I was taught to call things as they are, this wasn’t Islam, it was insanity.

  4. The poor girl.

    May she rest in peace.

    While I will admit that this is the act of a woman who is mentally ill, I will maintain that Islam creates the illness in question. When throughout your life, you are taught to submit, you lose your ability to feel any emotions except for those which are permitted by the oppressors.

    Islam must be banned in the west as we have banned Nazism.

    There is no other solution to this madness other than total victory for the free world.

    We cannot negotiate with these people at all, if this is what they are capable of.

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