French Defence League is planning to fight back against occupation

The French Defence League is going to have a pork in to fight back against the Muslims who have taken over various streets for public prayers, which by the way is illegal in France for any group, in over 40 cities.

Here is a video which loosely explains the plan. More is available on their website but I would ask all who can afford it, to please consider sponsoring a pig, or at least buying a membership and if you are in France, or can go there for the event, join in. This, should be a day to remember. Bring some wine.


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11 Replies to “French Defence League is planning to fight back against occupation”

  1. Just like the EDL if the people in France wait for their government to do anything except the usual pompous bluster and lame lip service, they will grow old and gray witnessing their beloved republic becoming an Islamic state. A state totally devoid of Liberty, Fraternity, and Equality

  2. I wonder if anyone explained to the French people that these people who they are rushing into their country by the hundreds-of-thousands, are going to try to take over, and when they do, their first act will be to ban wine. Then they’ll move on to sex, and then beautiful women. I’m sorry, but it’s almost funny. You know, the first time I heard about multiculturalism, what immediately popped into my head was that it sounded like a great way to actually start a war on purpose. I couldn’t believe anybody could be so staggeringly obtuse as to conceive of such a thing. I mean, isn’t it obvious that people get into fights over differences? Arguments are even called “differences”, for God’s sake. What intellectual smarty-pants, in his lust for counter-intuitiveness, invented multi-culturalism? Gee, next he could invent the fireworks factory spark-gun or the fish-blood-scented bathing suit. Get me one of each! It appears that a persons susceptibility to Emperor’s New Clothes Syndrome is directly proportional to the amount of their formal education. The intellectual lamby-pies are just so afraid of looking dumb in front of Professor Smarty-Pants, that they just nod their heads and make approval sounds until the spot-light moves somewhere else. They don’t know how to think critically. They don’t know how to ask themselves, “What do I think about this?” Regular people often do not realize how smart their brains actually are. They always look to others for opinions, so they never learn to think without training wheels.

  3. Europe a whole has way too generous welfare state. It’s no mystery that the ‘faithful’ flock to the country with the biggest payout and the least stringent qualifying standards, with little investigation to toss out and prosecute fraud.

  4. I have to say these people know how to do civil disobedience in such a way that all blame for violence is on the other side. They are good, real good. I would love to know where they got their education in civil disobedience.

  5. Brilliant! I am totally in awe of the whole idea. A history making day. Not Since the days of Captain BlackJack Pershing in the Phillipines have we seen something like this. He shut down Terrorism by captureing terrorists and then making them dig holes into which dead pigs were placed. It is in those pig holes he buried them after shooting them with bullets dipped in pigs blood. He let one of the terrorist witness it all and live to tell the tale to his muzzzie friends. End of terrorism. Now we see a much milder version which will be more pig friendly but just as effective. Can not wait for this history making day!

  6. It’s pretty safe to say that every one of those guys praying in the Paris streets is no friend of France. They should all be air-dropped into the Sinai desert, regardless of where they are born. They could drop in tents and water and food. I like it. It would be best for everyone. I’m telling you, every one of those guys is bad.

  7. Pershing was a good man, the fact that he made General and was in charge during WWI is proof of that. Since he served in a Black Cav regiment from Second Lt to Colonel and still got Stars and even higher command shows he was one fine soldier and a hell of a leader.

    In India the Brits use to shoot one man and bury him in a pigskin, then bring out other pig skins, the other Moslems told everything they knew.

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