Far leftists storm grocery stores to have Israeli foods banned

I so wish they would pull this stunt in Pakistan or Saudi Arabia

By the way, Sabra brand Humus is really really good. Go pick up some, especially the Supremely Spicy’ one and the roasted Garlic is awesome. I think they are made in New York as well, not 100% sure on that though.

An update:

Here is a similar tactic done by a bunch of Muslims about Israeli products at a TESCO. What is interesting here are the tactics. First, they go to a store that they know has Israeli goods. Then, they fill a shopping cart with them, then, they clog up the checkout line at Tesco while they complain about what they found, that they already knew was there, and then blame the slow checkout on the people waiting to serve them and the people behind them in line while accusing them of racism.

This stunt made the people doing it, the ‘Muslim Public Affairs Committee’ look so bad, they had to insert text captions to try and direct the viewer to be angry at the target instead of the people pulling this stunt.

Sound familiar? It seems an awful lot like the entire culture of the ‘Palestinians’

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7 Replies to “Far leftists storm grocery stores to have Israeli foods banned”

  1. Should these fools,useful idiots pull a PR stunt of this nature in Pakistan or Saudi Arabia, the punishment would be quite harsh. The crimes against Islam more than likely would be singing, playing music, immodest dress and behavior, dancing, women not escorted with family members and whatever charges that the ‘religious police could make up at their whim. The punishment would range from a whipping by the religious police or jail time in a medieval era prison. Sentences could possibly be longer for infidels. Don’t look for due process or habeas corpus in the Islamic world.

  2. If I saw this in my local Loblaws or Super C I would throw cans of whipped cream and jam at their heads.

    I notice that these are very unattractive females and these guys are very effeminate looking.

    I beleive that this is their way of releasing their anger over their inadequate sexual development that North America puts a high price tag on.

    No doubt they will instantantly react with angry passion over the icons and personalities such as George Bush or Angelina Jolie when interviewed.

  3. Sorry Infidel guy I have to disagree. I do not think they are unattractive just average. I do think however that they are hard core culteral marxists and for such people the palastinians are the people who get the most attention on the world stage plus the most bucks for aid. Thus their protest against Isreal is meant to support their cultural marxist agenda through means of the isreal/arab conflict which is the most high profile conflict on the planet. Still I will look out for Sabra and Tribe brands from now on.

  4. I bet most of these idiots are either upper middle class or elites. How many are Jewish? I believe the burqua is humilition for humans, but these fools should have worn them, their ugliness beamed from them. Try this at a muslim store in Detroit and see what happens.

  5. arabconqueredpersian – I am very impressed with your explication. You have de-mystified so much for me.

    I will forgive you for your opinion on what I beleive is a lack of sexual attributes they were not endowed with which I believe is an issue that influences their behavior.

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