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4 Replies to “French Defense League makes a point”

  1. To all LDF members that are reading this, from a proud US vet for all US vets thank you, we also remember what was done, and we remember our friends as well as our enemies.

    As I close this post I will leave you with a statement from General George Patton “You don’t win wars by dying for your country, you win wars by makig the other poor bastard die for his.” His nickname was Blood and Guts, our blood and his guts.

  2. What we need is a “European Defense League”. Better yet, a “Western Defense League” to counter the Muslim organizations world-wide that are determined to infiltrate and destroy western civilization at every turn.

    May the west prevail and Islam fail. Decisively and forever.

  3. We may be working towards that with the various groups making contact and coordinating their actions, as I have said before the war isn’t over, hell the beginning of the war isn’t over so don’t get discouraged. And remember what General MacArthur said, “In war there is no substitute for victory.” most people have never heard the first two words of that quote, and the West has spend the last 60 years trying and failing to find a substitute for victory, they haven’t found one yet.

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