Here is an interesting link on freedom of speech.

Link is here. Please click through and read. Thank you KS for sending it to me. This really is a good and important article. I hope that those of you who read it here, consider sending it to everyone you know.

As an aside, Poland during the Soviet occupation used to have an interesting expression. Poles would say to each other, “2+2=4” and that had tremendous significance. It was in fact, a radical statement at the time. I just mention that as an interesting fact of history and for no particular purpose.

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  1. I just read the other day that after installing the most disturbingly intrusive scanning machines they could invent at US airports, there may be a way for Muslims to get out of using them. That would mean that everyone but Muslims will be scanned with these machines at US airports. Perfect! The Religion of Islam has declared open war against the West, particularly the US and Israel, and the US President says that America will never be at war with Islam. He is actually pledging there, to the enemy, to never fight back. Sweet! Never in history has any unusual climate change of any kind been observed by man, but for some reason we’re being told we must send all our money to the third world dictators, because of anthropomorphic climate change (which hasn’t been observed). Fantastic! Evil men have taken the pioneering work of people like Hitler, Lenin, Goebbels, Beria, and Mao – work in the arts of lying and manipulation – and refined their methods to perfection. These guys have learned how to look you right in the eye and make you know that 2+2=7! They’ve managed to put a guy in the President’s chair who nobody can prove is not an enemy agent. Our Media have become, basically, Pravda and Tass. I remember when I was twelve I went through a little stealing phase, and I remember noticing something really kind of weird. If you act and look a certain way, you can pick something up right in front of someone and they just can’t see you do it. It’s a phenomenon-no kidding! Then there’s The Big Lie, and the Meeting Before The Meeting, and the Stockholm Effect. There are other unusual things like that as well, and some people – bad people – have taken it upon themselves to become real little experts in those truly black arts. I hate to harp, but it’s an undisputed fact that Obama used to teach workshops in Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals”. Alinsky was one of those guys who got really good at those black arts I was talking about. I do hate to harp but, sheesh! So I’ll meet you late at night, on a stone bridge in the fog, and whisper, ” 2+2=4″.

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