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6 Replies to “BBC Panorama UK Schools, Muslim Rules. WHOLE SHOW”

  1. Worrying situation in the UK and as usual all routes seem to trace back to the Wahhabists in Saudi. Kudo’s for posting these videos.

    I never see this type of doc on the CBC but they were quite vested in Neil MacDonald and the Harari killing.

  2. im a victim of actes antisemites face dammage nose teeth hairs cuts impossible to get help from police some very important people extreme right are invold all my family get trouble with this people festival 40 kilos of documents be stolen to me 7 mobil phones computer all my cash in devices pound dollars and checkel israeli money ;;;;the attitutde of the french is not acceptable is raciste in area of south of france i have enought after the insults against my cousin deputé rudy salles president of france israel by some imbelicis of extreme right the climat was readdy for the troubble this group of people are so powerfull inside is some dutch french marocco german a big group make troublle in south of france and yes some police involds so who got my press documents why my face dammage and no investigation? why my oncle grand rabbi be victim of robbery after the robbery in my own place simply people make trouble to my family because we represent jewish communauty and israel in france what else some cases exactely the seem with jewish dutchs also in troublle with a seem group and abuses and yes the extrem right police in nederland shut this mouth not acceptable the worst is an abuse of the french sacem impossible to get help im songwriter and singer and composer after 17 years working in newspapers nice matin in saint tropez ever see such abuse and silence in france the only reasons is corruption and royalties also stolen in sacem need help more and three years of tourbble france got big problems with security for sure i will expect after all mails i send to assemblée nationale in france a help from the president of france not all curiousely no jewish communauty no human rights so the question is it is politic i have to know for sure i ask american nationality for sure is no longer a country for me im jewish and proud to be so they take or they live it;;;;dont change my point o view i talk with your collaboratrice today she tell me to send a mail to panorama impossible to open so i send to you can you be nice to call me im in danger 0033.

  3. we ask the french president Sarkozy how is possible to see people have connexion with al qaida in var south of france also to prime minister of nederland how this marocco people crimnals come in south of france simple with the help of extrem right dutch and french why the two gouvernement let they jewish communauty agress by this people xihtout any investigation or reactions is because the accords with marocco and some middle east country defnitely yes against the international law yes to the FBI some people of amsterdam airport are complices with this people if not why the custoums in amsterdam airport check the liquids before the boarding it because they know the product im cover off now the got a largest marocco communauty in south of france they are not european is it an accord with marocco army sorry the jewish communauty you are responsable of they security ? response expected from france and nederland mister president Sarkozy my oncle receive a decoration from france why this niece be agress why the french police dont help antisemitism that all inside the army and the police is time to change to the united nations in new york france and nederland need to get penalies for put in danger they jewish communauty and security of the world al qaida is also in france sorry i see some of them dribing between france and nederland why the two armys dont check;;;? Joelle esther benyayer

  4. enough to be dicted the politic from middle east enough for the burka enough for more privilèges for them;;;enough the jewish communauty suffering and the free world aswell in silence who was the 9/11 al qaida not the jews like idiotics franc maçons frenchs and extreme right european said in fact is jealousy for the succes of the jews in financial world that all it is let us in peace no more agression after Ilan halimi now me joelle esther benyayer the fact my cousin is deputé french and represent israel dont serv me is invers the critizes of rudy salles my cousin in var is not acceptable this french extreme right need to go to the jail yes they kills some jewish yes the frenchs hide the true yes the dutch extremer right and muslimss kills jewish aswell so explications to israel and the jewish communauty in the world the provocation on the front of the synagogues in nederland and france in villeurbanne i remenber when i was young with salut nazi my oncle grand rabbi can tell ask yehuda maman what you do for the situation get worst mister president Sarkozy what you do ? nothing worst what happen inside the sacem with extreme right president Millet i got fight a couple of years ago is a racist man;;;;what i can expect me jewish artist french in sacem with this horrible man on the top;;;;;manipulation politic you like it or not lies also lagardère is problem with multi medias and the stocks mister president but is also you good friends so my family lose agains someone represent medias and army;;;Joelle esther benyayer

  5. for sure is franc maçons evangeliste got my press documents and manipuled the sacem and still my royalties to produce some of they group yes marocco iranian french dutch yes van heneigen help you madame and the maroco girl in police so now stop to block internet yes in place of jean marcel cremona is someone know you marie claire got also maroco boy friend she prepare an examen is it still informations poor girl madame you are finish yes i ear your voicie in frejus french ministery of defense yes you been contacted van heneigen by lagardère are you present in meeting in shipol airport in amsterdam with lagardère that how you meet my ex boy freind to get back document of lagardèe yes madame is problem in stock bad games madames in interntional law the french do not deceid for the world madame or they will be keck out the united nations in new york city with the dutch so far you go to lies and still money than you are scare to face the true who want to invest now one penny in france and nederland when they make opa in maket financial who want to put one penny madame and yes is the seem for the justice in france and nederland in the hands of the franc maçonerie and the extrem right no suprise the jewish do not succed you french extreme right and franc maçons and dutch get the control of this two country names of people try to kills me and destroy the face of my aunt juliette and alice maman and stolen doucments of my oncle grand rabbi who you thinks you are bitch…joelle esther benyayer they come at night put drugs inside my body i know is evangeliste it happen one time when i was with jean marcel cremona my friend in cagnes sur mer with friends evangeliste was present the wife of herman welknown nazi im was sick after the seem female was in my residence on letf of my appartement again im was drugs how much temoignage you want yes the franc maçons evangelistes was in meeting neo nazi in bavaria jean marcel was there and van heneigen was ther now heneigen are in music industry thanks to millet the president of the sacem know van heneigen and herman and my friend jean marcel by the lodge evangeliste franc maçons that how it work in france but sorry karel herman and this family have kills jewish this is our councern so all the french dutch and marocco invodls with in jail in america you critize so much may you prefer to live iran so democrate country who is a name of this islamist female you protect madam is it someona from nederland of al qaida yes you know and i know the herman family make also contact in egypt and trouble with jewish and in bruxelle with diamond stolen again herman and muslim club with french they are al qaida support against israel and america such shame how i can fight alone in france impossible so stick the royalties of french sacem and fuck iranian your product farah kazan and maroco why you dont wear a burka so is will be more clear to my ex boy friend nvodd with sexe industry drugs and music thanks the french to produce a proxenete got know artist dr dre episcode is brain implan i got and my oncle grand rabbi aswzll thanks to french and dutch the biggest bordel in politic worl and now in the culture work what is the first religion in france muslims or cahtolic muslims fuck you evanteliste cheat and fuck the burka im only like freedom and rock and roll not this crabs music initaly hoockers in amsterdam is it a kind of culture you want in france and nederland hookers in music industry better let show they ass is nothing to do with music is sexe and drugs the speicality of the ducth and french today with help cannabis from marocco Joelle esther benyayer yes the money of sexe and drugs contol this two country

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