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5 Replies to “Cody gets an escort to school”

  1. Freedom is not free, it must be bought with the blood and lives of many brave people, the wanna be dictators in the US should take a good hard look at what happens when we get upset.

    Having said that, we use to be a free nation, and may be one again but right now we don’t have the rights we had when I was a child, and the left was the group that removed all of them.

  2. Richard the left is the one who is the main guilt producer in the psyche of western man. The sin of racism has been so used it is virtually a part of the fabric of western society. Along come the brown circumcised man of allah and off he goes to a very strong start. He chants: America is racist, America is islamophobic. He is welcomed on the tv news channels to lecture the crowds about the superiority of Islam. The west designed the fabric and he comes along and nestles right into it and is so at home in it he makes it stonger and stonger and so we have the crazy situation of today when even elected officals publicly champion islam.

    No wonder the lefties love islam. The question the Frakfurt school asked as to who would be the replacement of the proloteriat has been answered. It will be the brown muslim. He is brown, so to say anything against him is racist. He is a totalitarian just like the modern communist who dress up in culteral marxism for their culture of critique against western society. In one go they have the passion and anger of the brown muslim who can not be criticised plus the violence he generates on a daily basis against the Capitilist West. The marriage took a long time to make but finally Marx and Mohammad are married and Obama is the child. The marriage can often be seen when the muslims get to gether with the lefties who pose as anti facists(!) or to give them their true name anti-facist facists.

    Let us not forget that other great socialist Hitler and his National Sociaism. One thing the left and their anti-facists facists and the National Socialists and the Muslims agree on is their hatred of Jews. And yet Marx was a Jew! He certainly unleased a virulent strain of anti-semitism against his own people. I wonder what he would think if he came back and saw the modern state of Isreal. He would certainly be more happy there than at a Jew hating lefty and Islamic love fest. Communism has come along way.

  3. I will agree with everything you said, and am always pleasantly surprised when I find someone else who knows that Fascism is an offshoot of Marxism. As to Marx he was a self hating Jew, you find them around and they are usually working against the other Jews. Don’t ask me why, I don’t have a degree in abnormal physiology.

  4. Politicians are afraid of voters, they would keep the police far away to avoid an incident that might piss off the voters more then they already are.

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