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13 Replies to “Where is this Britain, this England now please”

  1. They need a politician like Iron Maggie now, she was great and was in inspiration to many in the US, the left around the world hated her (still does) because she had guts enough to say what she meant every time she opened her mouth. The world will be a worse place when she dies.

    Having said that I refuse to believe that the Britain, the England that she stood for has died, I see the EDL and see them standing up for their nation and culture. I see Canada standing on principle about Israel and I see the TEA Party movement fighting to save the US. Britain is going to have to be ready to help Canada and the US (once we get Obama out and a good person in) to lead the world in resisting the Islamic conquest. And that is what they intend, conquest of the entire world.

  2. Even if the British said and thought they were “better”, so what? Why should the interviewer take offense at that? When someone or group says they are superior, it doesn’t offend me one iota because they are welcome to their opinion. But what they think doesn’t change anything. When they begin impinging on my freedom,
    THEN I react.

  3. The interviewer was upset because a white was saying that the Brits are exceptional, to the modern left this has to be racism. Back when Britain, or England if you prefer openly stated that they were exceptional they were one of the major powers on earth, after the left got them to stop talking about being exceptional their power started fading. So far the left hasn’t managed to convince most of the people in the US that US exceptionalism doesn’t exist, and probably won’t be able to.

    But back to Britain I like to read history (especially military history) for fun, and I can tell you that back when they were building their empire they went into battle expecting to win because they were Brits. And at times that is the only explanation I can give for their victory, after all in some of the wars the British Generals were putting it kindly very poor. Yet 5 to 7 years the same troops would fight under brilliant leaders. So are the exceptional or not?

  4. Sweden was more than neutral from what I wass told – they allowed the German military to run through Sweden to fight the Norwegians.

    Can someone tell me if this is true?

  5. Not Norwegians Russinas on the Eastern front. Sweden was Hitlers main supplier of iron ore throught the war and Narwik (norway) was the main harbor for shipping from Sweden. Swede´n was the Hitlers silent ally during the war.

  6. The only good thing I heard about Sweden during WWII was that they took in the Norwegian Jews when Norway smuggled all of the Jews out of the country to keep them out of German hands.

  7. Paula,


    And the danger of the Nazi (German National Socialist) ideology wasn’t the view of the Nazi ideology that viewed ethnically Germanic people as being superior to all other people. The danger of the Nazi ideology was the view of the Nazi ideology that was the view that a certain particular other group of people (the Jewish people – who were, and are, a very small group of very beneficially, very creative, people) were inherently evil, and all-powerful, and secretly controlled the world, and needed to be mass-murdered for the benefit of the people who the adherents of the Nazi ideology viewed as being good – who were people who, according to the Nazi ideology, were ethnically Germanic people; and people who the adherents of the Nazi ideology viewed as being members of what the adherents of the Nazi ideology called “Christian civilization”; and people who, according to the Nazi ideology, would be subservient to ethnically Germanic people and who, according to the Nazi ideology, would be subservient to the people who the adherents of the Nazi ideology viewed as being members of what the adherents of the Nazi ideology called “Christian civilization”.

  8. Daniel you need to remember that the Nazi’s were also against Christianity, many of the top Nazi’s were into the occult and the leaders of the SS wanted to bring back the worship of Odin and other Nordic gods. One reason the Pope didn’t do more to help the Jews was that he had to be careful about not having more Catholics sent to the death camps. This is a part of the history of WWII that most schools don’t teach, possibly because they are being politically correct and possibly because they are afraid that if this is taught people might take a harder look at what else the anti-Christian left has in common with the Nazi’s.

  9. I wonder if Margaret thatcher could even get elected today. The Left occupies so many positions of influence in the media and the Brits need the arabs for their oil.

    And so many Brits are lefties. I have met so many of these creeps in Montreal.

    One creepy overweight Brit once told me” The problem with Blair is that he is not a socialist”.

    The left loves to demonize Israel as the source of the world’s problems. Google Tonge – British lib democrat long time anti-Israel activist.

    I am sick of the Left wing Brits. I have written this on previous posts. British Occupation of Gibraltar? Silence British Invasion of Falklands? Silence. British assistance of occupation of Cyprus? Silence.

    Palestine Palestine Palestine – those poor innocent Palestinians

    In 2010, the Brits are a pathetic hypocritical lot we best ignore. Whenever I hear that accent I want to vomit.

    Sorry Maggie but your people have abandoned you in favor of their welfare. And BTW, your island is broke 5 times.

  10. I don’t know if she could get elected today or not, I know Reagan could but I haven’t be in Britian since the late 60s, and that was a stop over at the airport on my way back to Germany after emergency leave for a sick father. I hope she would be able to but I don’t know.

  11. I doubt if Reagan or Thatcher could get elected today. Anyone who seriously threatens the left gets the Sarah Palin treatment. No one can withstand the force of the entire world media when they decide to gang up and eliminate an inconvenient candidate. There’s no way to beat it. Whatever you say, no matter how wonderful you may be, they can neutralize your best shots by simply not showing them. And then, imagine if a camera crew followed you around 24/7 and only kept the stuff that made you look bad. There’s you, picking your nose, there’s you, looking angry, there’s you, looking weird with scary music in the background. See what I mean? Katie Couric gnawing on your ankle like a weasel and a team of lawyers launching malicious, nuisance law suits, making you stressed and harried. And they even make stuff up! Sarah never said, “I can see Russia from my front porch”, but everyone can see her in their mind’s eye, winking as she says it ( play laugh track). Thatcher or Reagan would have their hands full trying to get their message across today. I mean, how do you say that man-caused global warming is nonsense, without being declared a dangerous lunatic? How do you say that Islam has declared war on us without being declared a war-mongering right-wing nut-bar? We would seem to be moving through the post-rationalist era and out into the Great Neo-Medieval Depression. Sound like fun?

  12. Reagan got elected with the left having a monopoly on the news business, don’t count Palin and others like her out until after the 2012 election. When reading the polls remember the pollsters usually work for the permanent political class and are slanting their polls, usually they don’t even ask if the respondents wants Sarah for President, they limit the choices to fairly mainstream Republican moderates. Sarah’s political clout was shown but the fact that almost everyone she supported in the by elections won. The left is having fits trying to spin this fact. The political game in the US is turning nastier then it has been for over 100 years, but it hasn’t turned into a contact sport yet.
    Support the TEA party candidate of your choice and ignore the MSM, they are showing just who and what they are, and are losing viewers and readers in droves.

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