Women and Islam in Afghanistan

I had so many catchy title ideas for this one. “Think of all the great restaurants” or, “Feminists for Islam, a just alliance” or several other facetious title ideas. But to be honest I am just too damn angry to play games with it. Women who support Islam perhaps deserve they get. And what they get is slavery till suicide by self immolation.

Thanks to KitmanTV for doing this one.

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4 Replies to “Women and Islam in Afghanistan”

  1. Vlad, women of the west, should be very concerned about the encroachment of Islam into the west and the nin-stop belligerence of muslim nations.

    But they do not appear to be. By %, females are the bigger supporters of the US Democrats, Liberals, NDP of Canada and UK Labor. Men for the most part that do not think that protecting females nor their own countries is paramount. What is paramount is their pension.

    My MP Irwin Cotler hasstated many times that Omar Khadr was a childsoldier andthat we should be sensitive.

    He is just appealing to the bleeding hearts in his riding to elect him until he takes his pension.

    Females are often, apolitical and sometimes leftwing wackjobs.

    UK former PM Tony Blair’s sister in law deserves all the beatings that she will get one day by being in the wrong place at the wrong time ( and I lament for her daughter).

    Reminds me of a female from Denmark who went to live with palestinians because the Jews were so brutal to them, not so many years ago.

    I forget the exact reason, but at one point she was being chased by a mob of angry muslims.

    Where do you think she fled? Sadly, Israel let her in.

    Bad call.

    If I were PM I would have told the security personnel to not let her in and film her death and then send the film to a Danish newspaper in Copenhagen and the Office of the PM of Denmark.

    Perhaps you think that I am very mean and un-caring but the story of her death would cause several Danish girls to dump their muslim boys thereby saving them from being kidnapped to an arab muslim country.


  2. Are those the mahoundian wonders that made Cherie Blair’s half-sister and major-league fascist Ham-ass supporter Lauren Booth decided to recite the shahahahahahahada and become worth half a male bedouin?

  3. The women in the West are not taught the truth about Islam, and when confronted by the fact reject them because they mean that there can be no peace with Islam. I don’t know what make them face reality but it would help if the lame stream media would report on what happens to the women in the Islamic nations.

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