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3 Replies to “CNN video on the banning of sharia law in Oklahoma”

  1. If the Judges were any good they would be using US law to mean what was originally intended rather then what some Judges feels is a good idea. We need to return to original intent in the Judicial decisions.

  2. Just take a look north to Canada in the Toronto area some heavily populated Muslim areas are attempting to implement Sharia Law and courts. There can be only one set of laws for everyone under the US Constitution, our Federal. State, County, and local Municipal laws. If these practitioners of ‘The Religion Of Peace want their Sharia Law that bad perhaps they should migrate to one of the many ‘Islamic Paradises’ (religious concentration camps) . There they can get the full benefit of their so-called religion without any interference from the Infidel. BTW don;t look for due process or Habeas Corpus under Sharia Law, it’s all up to the Imam or the ‘Religious Police’ who make up the rules and change them at their whim.

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