Dutch TV interviews the new, Dutch Defence League and others

This is a worthwhile clip. There is of course, a huge demonstration planned for Amsterdam on Saturday Oct 30 with some EDL members. This is an interview with the Dutch chapter, as well as a leader of the self labelled, ‘Anti Fascists’ where he is quite clear that it is them who typically initiates the violence.

Please read this post on the upcoming demo in The Netherlands:

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3 Replies to “Dutch TV interviews the new, Dutch Defence League and others”

  1. Wouldn’t this guy just love to be standing there in a leather trench coat with party insignia on his lapels, enjoying the fear in people’s eyes? He’s a revolutionary – a lesser Vlad Lenin. He dreams of a day when society has completely broken down and all the good opportunities are simply there for the taking, no work required. He’d like to move into that beautiful canal house with the windmill, after confiscating it from a right-winger. He’d like the really hot chicks to be throwing themselves at him and lusting after his power. And he calls himself an anti-fascist. How ironic. Guys like this get way too much respect in our societies, as they play the role of ascetic priests and fool us into believing they are motivated by altruism. I suspect that this young man, far from being an altruist, is simply too negative and lazy to sustain the effort required to create a good life, choosing instead to dream of a never-gonna-happen revolution and the big pay-off he thinks it will bring. So he dedicates his time to finding new ways to stab the rest of us in the back and make us so miserable and dissatisfied that we become ready for a change, and eager to let some creep like him take over and reset all the parameters. It would be funny if there weren’t so many just like him.

  2. The anti-Fascist groups in Britain and Europe are the ones who act like Fascists, but that is only right since Fascism is an off shoot of Marxism, it is right wing because it is further right then the Communist, and not much further right.

    I expect that one day we will read about the leader of the Dutch Defense League being a victim of a hit and run driver.

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