A movie I plan to see. ‘Iranium.’

This film company is offering licences for people who want to show this at home theatres to 25 or less people for under USD $40.00

What a fantastic idea and a great use for your big screen TV. Invite 25 friends, charge them 10 bucks and provide egg rolls or sandwiches and show this movie. It is made by the same people who did Obsession, Radical Islam’s war with the West, and The Third Jihad, both ‘Must see’ movies.  I hope lots and lots of you get in touch with them and get this licence and show this film. Talk about grass roots activism! Its the perfect spin off from Fred Litwin’s excellent organization, Free Thinking Film Society, which shows these kind of excellent films in Ottawa.

To contact them:


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  1. I wish I could afford the movie, having said that Iran going nuclear is the biggest threat to mankind right now, I personally think Amadidajad (sp?) will use the nukes against Israel once he gets them and if he could hit the US he would use them against us. We should have carried out the month long 24/7 bombing campaign the pentagon planned but Bush chickened out of doing.

    Israel doesn’t have the military assets to stop Iran’s nuclear program without using their own nukes, the only nation that can stop Iran is the US and with Obama in the White House we won’t.

    Welcome to the world wide war the left is starting for us.

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