Talk about over reach. The TT is not talking about certain civil dress codes that seek to provide a bit of public decency in order to protect children from overt crude and lewd attire. This new dress code statute could almost have been written by an Islamonazi, with public blasphemy (presumably swearing) being a finable offense as well.

There is a line to be drawn between infringing upon the rights of some, in order to protect the rights of others, it’s a continual battle waged all the time, so in that respect, this is not a new issue. Regulating attire (outside of the usual “no swim wear on public sidewalk”) is a slippery slope to tyranny, regulating what can be spoken publicly -outside of illegal slander and bearing false witness- is a major step towards a tyranny, and the good folks of Castellammare di Stabia should advance upon their town hall with pitch forks and torches and demand the removal of their dippy mayor, but that’s just me. KGS

Mayor Luigi Bobbio: So my heavy handed
Taliban policies are undemocratic?

Breitbart: Skimpily-clothed women in the town of Castellammare di Stabia in southern Italy are to be fined by the police under new regulations banning “very scanty clothing” that were approved late Monday.

The ban will include skirts judged to be too short, jeans that are too low-slung and necklines that are too plunging and is intended to guard against anti-social behaviour, a spokesman for the town council told AFP.

Mayor Luigi Bobbio of Italy’s ruling People of Freedom party defended the much-derided new legislation, which prompted a small protest by female members of the opposition Democratic Party who held a “Mini-skirt Day” rally.

“Mini-skirts are not included in the ban. Mini-skirts are not considered very scanty clothing unless they’re so small that they are no longer a skirt and they leave the undergarment showing,” Bobbio said before the vote.

Following the vote, he said the ban made Castellammare “a civilized city.”

But a protester outside the town council on Monday held up a placard reading: “The only ones in just their underwear are Castellammare’s workers” — an apparent reference to threatened job cuts at the town’s shipyard.

The new rules also ban blaspheming, sunbathing in public and playing football in many public areas — a hugely popular pastime in the town.


  1. In Europe, Christianity and Islam are bedpartners and most Christians are also leftists, so i dont have to work together with Christians: But in the America, the right is strangely enough also Christian, so that means there is no real political hope for America.

  2. All of the leftist I have ever met were atheists, at least that is what they claim, since Marxism has all of the aspects of a religion I consider it one, and it is the Christians on the right that are pushing for small government and large freedoms.

  3. @Richard

    Maybe in America, but in the Netherlands all the Christians vote for the Christian-Democrats, which is a form of socialism.

    Marxism isn’t exactly a religion, but cultural-marxism is more like a worldview like catholicism, protestantism, liberalism and newagism: It is build out of many different cultural traditions and believes that compliment eachother.

  4. Ahcim, sounds like they have bought into the liberation theology that we are fighting over here.

    It is more like a religion then most people are willing to admit, as I said it has its Holy Book, its prophets and diety and its fallen angels who are now as evil as those who oppose the conversion of the world to Marxism. Think about it for a while, it it wasn’t more of a religion then people will admit why aren’t more of its followers willing to accept the fact that the economic theories fail every time they are tried? Rather then admit the policies are flawed and will never work they act as if it were sinners who were implementing the policies and were punished by Marx for not being pure enough. But let them implement them and they are sure to work since they are pure Marxists and are sin free.

    If nothing else calling it a religion is sure to make the leftist real mad.

  5. First we have the spectre of Britainistan. Now we have “Italistan” and a return to the Dark Ages.

    Islam has done its job of cowing Europe into a sort of submission, hasn’t it?

    Time to round Muslims all up and send them back to the desert lands where most of them came from. If its sharia law they want, then put them in places where sharia law is enforced, like Saudi Arabia, Iran or Somalia. If sharia law is so good, then they should stay put.

    May the west prevail and Islam fail.

  6. RRWest, that is coming, just not as fast as we would like, but before that there will be a lot of blood on the ground around the world.

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