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2 Replies to “FBI tape of raid on Dearborn terrorist warehouse operation”

  1. The fact is that most of these bums in dirty nightshirts do not have meaningful employment, therefore they must finance their ‘revolution’ through various types of illegal and criminal activates. I have no sympathy for them at all, especially most of them being convicted felons knew exactly what they were getting into. This my dear friends is a prelude of things to come concerning home grown and foreign influenced very radical Islamist groups in our major cities. The prison system in many states is well known to be an actual ‘jihadist factory schooling and brainwashing large numbers of convicted criminals and converting them to the ‘Religion Of Peace’.

  2. This is why I keep saying that major fighting coming to all nations, we will end up having to defend ourselves, of course living out in a small town in fly over country I am safer then those who are living in the big cities.

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