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4 Replies to “Cross talk on Merkel’s statement on multiculturalism.”

  1. That woman is the perfect example of everything that bothers me about “Moderate Muslims”. That utter failure to acknowledge that Muslims play any role whatsoever in any problem is so typical, as is the way her mind automatically and effortlessly generates straw-man arguments to make her opponents say things that they would never say- always lying, lying, lying! In the Moderate Muslims mind, the only acceptable narrative is of peaceful, innocent Muslims being picked on by evil, racist white men, who are only trying to garner votes during tough economic times by blaming “immigrants” for everything. Clever. Just once I’d like to hear any Muslim put themselves in our shoes and say, “I see what you mean. There is a problem. I’d be worried if it was the other way ’round. What can we do to solve this?” But they never say stuff like that, do they, that would be too Golden Rulish for them. Instead, they always insist that the problems, if they exist at all, will be over the minute we stop creating them. I trust the Taliban more than I trust the “Moderate Muslims”.

  2. Nabila Ramdani is not French and can never be. She is of Arab origin, not White European.

    Muslims made very little positive contributions to European culture! Yes, they rescued some written volumes of Greek literature and science during the early Medieval era which they translated into Arabic and albeit, minimally augmented upon elements of it. However, the overwhelming majority of those scholars who undertook this task were, in fact, predominately, Jewish and Christian – NOT Muslim at all.

    She has referred to Turks who had been invited to help rebuild Germany following WW11, but they were not invited to remain permanently. They were designated as temporary workers only. They did not return home and some of the fault lies with successive German governments for not enforcing their repatriation.

    Ms Ramdani drones on about what amounts to a lack of the red carpet treatment on the part of White nations for non-White immigrants as though obligation was incumbent upon every White nation on the planet to accommodate and pander to such non-White invaders whilst betraying their own ethnic countrymen. Well, she had better learn fast that there aren’t any such obligations and never were. Such false memes were planted in the minds of White nations by wilful, conniving and manipulating outgroups assisted by indigenous traitors.

    Each of these invading non-White nationalities had their ancestral homelands returned to them during the course of the last century and in some cases during the 19th century which leaves their various brethren with no room to complain about any alleged mistreatment by White nations since it’s now these non-White hordes who are doing the invading of White homelands which, in turn, and furthermore, entitles White nations to resist such mass invasion and colonisation in exactly the same manner as did these non-Whites against former White colonisation.

    Something else that the likes of Ms Ramdani fails to understand is that non-European immigrants don’t have a God-given right to residence on European or any White territory even where legally conferred. The fact that indigenous governments have permitted them entry, one has to also recognise that those same governments behaved and still continue to behave illegitimately since they wilfully avoided or outright refused then and now to seek a mandate from the White native populatiions for their mass immigration and colonisation agenda. In reality, such immigrants are and have always been illegal and the indigenous governments of White nations who are permitting it, are guilty of Treason, Sedition and Genocide.

  3. The Turks weren’t invited in until the rebuilding was over, when I was stationed I Germany (May 67 to May 68) there was no Turkish presence that was noticeable to the casual viewer. If my memory serves me the Turkish immigration didn’t start until the 1980s, of course I could be wrong.

  4. Sorry I should have said no significant Turkish immigration until the 1970s or 1980s, prior to that the Germans were having enough kids to fill the jobs that the Turks were brought in to fill.

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