STRATFOR: Niger: Europeans Must Help African Forces Or ‘Move’

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Niger: Europeans Must Help African Forces Or ‘Move’
October 15, 2010
If Europeans fail to reinforce the North African armies that are fighting Islamist militants, security will deteriorate to the extent that the Europeans will have to “move,” the president of Niger’s National Consultative Council said Oct. 15, AFP reported. Somalia is already lost and northern Mali is “in the process of getting away from us,” he said.

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6 Replies to “STRATFOR: Niger: Europeans Must Help African Forces Or ‘Move’”

  1. Let them go. Who cares. The West does not need another entanglement. Enough is enough. The West should disentangle from the entire middle east (apart from Isreal) and from Africa. Then they can concentrate on forging links with the hard working peoples of India, China, Thailand, Brazil, Japan, Singapore, Shri Lanka, South Korea etc. Trade and other links with hard working people who want a better future is better than the usual circus of nonsense associated with the despicable dictators of Africa and the Middle east. Lest my critics think I am being too harsh, I am aware that some countries such as Ghana are an entirely different kettle of fish, and the West would do well to cement relations with any country where there is no dictator making stupid demands and where the population is hard working and determined to build their country. In the Middle east their is Isreal only and in Africa there is Ghana and Angola and South Africa.

  2. OK what about the oil some will say. We need the oil and the arm sales that the middle east loves to purchase. Stop buying oil from these idiots but keep selling them arms to blow themselves up. To be sure this does seem to be the American Stratagy. However, where they go wrong is the milatary entanblement which must end. Thank fully the Muslim President of the US is all for stopping the milatary entanglement but the words that flow from his lips is praise for these idiots and their culture and religion and their so called achievments ad nauseaum.

  3. You don’t win wars by retreating from the enemy, if the West refuses to help the Africans the jihadists will say that we are afraid of them. When they think we are afraid to fight they will increase their attacks all around the world, fight them where they are attacking and when you are strong enough attack them where they are weak.

  4. Richard I think we should have the sobering experience of Iraq to reflect on. The cost of that war is in the trillions. It is no good bankrupting yourselves in the process. Let the West build up the west and then trade and build solid relations with the hard working peoples of the World. The only kind of strike I am for is a cost effective strike. A missile from a battle cruiser on the head of the jihadist.No more. This squandering of trillions of dollars will come back to weaken the debt ridden American economy for decades.

  5. This is the attitude that cost Byzantium its life, the cost of losing this war is going to be much higher then the cost of winning, and a lot of the resources we need to build our technological society are currently coming from Africa. If we give up natural resources to the Moslems in the hope of peace we have already lost.

    War is expensive, but losing one is much more expensive then losing one, especially one that is a war of survival.

  6. Richard is right, we cannot just let Africa fall to the Muslims. Africa is the real battlefield at the moment while The West is more of a propaganda side-show, a diversionary tactic. They don’t actually think they are going to own New York City in the near future, but Africa? Quite possible. Don’t forget the Memorandum of Understanding that Prime Minister-even-though-he-lost Raila Odinga of Kenya (Barry’s cousin, I believe) signed with the Muslim community, guaranteeing them extra Sharia rights if they gave him their murderous support in the coming election. Africa is what they really want at the moment, so let’s not give it to them. What they are doing is holding something bright and shiny in one hand in order to divert our attention from what they are holding in the other hand. We are currently watching one nation – Lebanon – fall to the Muslims, and nobody seems to care. We can’t keep letting these bastards win. That’s right, they’re winning! If one divorces one’s self from the MSM paradigm for a moment, it is clear that the real prize is not New York or Geert Wilders, the real prize is Africa. Man, these guys know how to play chess; we, on the other hand, are still trying to figure out how the little horses move on the black-and-white squares.

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