Halal cat food. Really now. God cares what cats eat.

When one reads an add for a company that sells specially prepared and blessed meat for cats, one must wonder exactly what kind of a ‘religion’ Islam actually is. I mean with literally thousands of years of Jews arguing over how many angels can dance on the head of a pin and every other kind of possible issue from the old testament, I bet not one of them once ever thought to argue that their pets had to eat Kosher foods.

Here is a link to a Halal pet food business. Remember, your cat can’t go to paradise and sniff and scratch it’s 72 virgins on couches of the finest silk with young boys fresh as pearls if a guy in a goofy hat doesn’t scream ‘Allahu Ackbar” while his food is being slaughtered.

If we cared at all, then yes, we would need “a short explanation”

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3 Replies to “Halal cat food. Really now. God cares what cats eat.”

  1. At least we won’t be hearing of any halal dog food because to Muslims, dogs are unclean and therefore not really suitable as pets.

  2. I know this is an old post and maybe you have your answer. But I wil gladly provide you the much needed explanation.

    Muslim don’t believe it’s reacquired for cats or any other carnivore pets to eat halal meat. Cat, dogs or any other carnivore pets historically could go hunt for themselves and eat any meat they could find. And there is nothing wrong with it. It’s even OK to give your pet pork or any other meat of an animal you have found or received. The only problem is that a Muslim is not allowed to buy, sell or do business in that which is prohibited by the Law. So since pork, alcohol and haram slaughtered meat is prohibited to be consumed, we are also prohibited to buy or sell them. So the halal in the case of pet food is not ment for the cat, since the cat is not going to be sinful eating anything it desires of course, but buying and selling prohibited products is sinful for a Muslim. So if you give (non-halal) petfood as a gift to a muslim who owns a pet, he should be gracefully accepting it and giving it to his/her pet.

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