White woman attacked at French ‘Techno-parade’ by black gangs out to do exactly that.

Article from French press translated by Gaia:

Technoparade 2010, the nightmare continues” Technoparade has become a considerable media event in the last few years, endorsed by the multinationals who saw new, important advertising ground there.
After the carnage of last year when hundreds of “young people” descended straight from the suburbs (banlieux) and generated racial riots and aggressions against any person who presented too much of a “white” face, the organizers of Technoparade 2010 wanted to mark the event this year. In a kind of inexplicable masochism, they baptized the procession of this year “living together better”, a new call for interbreeding, universalization, and “love between peoples”. But it backfired.
It must be understood one day that these values are definitely are not shared by all. Once more, hundreds of immigrant ethnics came “to break Whitey”, “to do over a Frenchman” and “to screw the Police force”. Violent clashes occurred in particular in the Place de la Bastille.
Thus, group aggression and violence towards the Police force could be observed. Several people were wounded among the “technophiles” who had simply come to have fun at the festival.
Already last year, the young Parisian “identitares” of the Apache Project had rung the alarm bells on anti-white violence. But it would seem that the Authorities, Paris Town Hall in the forefront are reluctant to see the truth.
So once again that we condemn these clashes and invite any person who has been a victim of violence to testify, by contacting us by email or telephone. It is necessary that the truth finally gets out: help us to restore it, Stop anti-white racism!

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4 Replies to “White woman attacked at French ‘Techno-parade’ by black gangs out to do exactly that.”

  1. The only way you are going to stop the anti-white racism is for the governments of the world to wake up and punish it, otherwise it will continue to grow until there is a rebellion by the whites and a civil war. Given the attitudes of the politicians I expect the civil wars to start real soon.

  2. I’m not entirely sure it has not already begun some time ago. The problem with war is, the winner of the previous one has a hard time recognizing that he is even in the second one as the loser tends to change tactics and strategy while the winner does not.
    The French won WW1 because they invented the tank and ended the battlefield grid lock. They lost WW2 because the Germans moved forward with the tank and invented the Blitz, while the French had not advanced on anything since WW1.

    I think we, the secular, liberal European heritage West are both in a civil war now, and losing it fast because we like the illusion of stability so much we allow infiltration and concessions to an Islamist enemy that would normally have to be won in a conventional battle.

    It may yet be a while till for example, Canadians decide to sacrifice a little comfort to preserve a heritage of freedom and liberal-democracy for our descendants, if any of us have any. It is of course, much harder to fight to preserve these things if Canada will be peopled by South Asian Muslims who are fighting world wide to destroy these same institutions.

  3. A couple of minor corrections, Britain invented the Tank, the term tank comes from the cover story of a mobile water tank for the troops. France in the form of de Gaulle wrote the book that Gundrin (sp?) use to develop the idea of lightning war. (I know I tend to be a know it all and to lecture on trivia).

    You are right about the civil war and that you are losing at the moment, the refusal to accept any enemy other then fascists is due to the lefts taking control of the worlds governments. The left doesn’t want anyone to think that any danger comes from anyone besides the European/American right. The fact that Hitler was a follower of Marx is ignored by the left in their quest to take over the world. They attacked religion because of a defeat in Greece just after WWII when the Greek Orthodox Church played a major role. Their attack on Christianity (more successful in Europe then the US) has opened the way for the Moslems to move in a spread their faith. The left thinks they can use the Moslems to take over and then contain or dispose of the Moslems. Wishful thinking on their part, but they are so arrogant that they think the reason socialism has never worked in the past 5000 years is because they weren’t there to make it work.

    You are right, Canada isn’t gone yet, but it is in massive trouble, more trouble then most Canadians are willing to accept. Canada and Britain are at a disadvantage in the war since the non Moslems are law abiding and obey the laws against firearms while the Moslems arm themselves like crazy. H. Beam Piper said that a disarmed citizenry are slaves waiting for the chains to be slapped on. Robert A. Heinlein said that an armed man is a free man. I can’t remember exactly who but I think it was Heinlein who said that you can’t enslave a free man the worst you can do is kill him.

    All of the statements are true, but back to the main subject, support the politicians who are fighting for your nations and cultures, and try to remove from office all who aren’t. Remember the West over all and Britain and America often take massive causalities in the early stages of the wars but end up winning them. Continue to fight and we will win this one.

  4. It happens in toronto, me white, my good friend black gets on the bus ahead of me and sits, just then a totally bizarre woman hovers at the door of the bus and moves on, her head all bound up in some type of towel, a foot high, hanging down, I laughed while getting out my senior ticket, then commented in a pleasant way, while laughing, amazing what people wear eh?, thinking he would agree,,,,he was rude to me and told me that was a racist thing to say and I had better be quiet or not ride, He was dark but not black, likely middle eastern, and my friend heard and came bounding up and got into his face and told him to shut his mouth and not be rude to me, She is quite aggressive and he shut up……….

    Toronto is a cess pool of this type of bullcrap,,,,just walk the streets, take the subways you will see

    One night on the subway late coming from shopping, about 8:30 or so, down by Queen, empty car, and a guy got on and came right over near where I was sitting, I then looked up and saw a group of three kind of hovering after him,.. in a few minutes, he was across from me, and obviously intimidated by the other guys,.. I was thoroughly pissed, as I could see the senerio, We chatted, he clearly gay, and middle eastern, said originally from BC, and when I looked up the three had moved over closer and were giving me angry looks, intimidating and bullying………..I stood and glared back at them, and next stop they got off…………the victim chatted abit, said thanks, I warned him not to ride alone at night in Toronto,,,,and he said he usually didn’t, but this was the first time and he was on his way to a friends
    How disgusting and how typical of what is happening in this disgusting place…

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