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I would like to post this 37 minute video here in response to some comments made by ‘Yahya’, who I believe is the key person of the blog that appears to have taken over for, or is at least connected to, a site Vladtepesblog has quoted from time to time, ‘Montreal Muslim News’. A site which published all sorts of highly illiberal fatwas, or Islamic rulings on, pretty much every single aspect of life and how a Muslim should do it, and often, how to impose that ideology on all the rest of us in Canada and by extension the rest of the Western, non-Islamic, world as well.

In a recent comment, Yahya made the statements:

Well, first of all, Muslims are in fact not trying to supplant what you call “our millennium old system of jurisprudence” by advancing a 7th century sharia code. I honestly don’t know where you come up with these fantasies. Many Muslim scholars and intellectuals have said there is no contradiction between western laws which are just and Islamic jurisprudence. The unifying principle is justice, and if a western law adheres to that principle then it is in accordance with Islamic law. Do you have something against justice?

Speaking of Islamic jurisprudence, what does anyone know of it here other than a small sampling of the penal code which is much more complex that how you may understand it. Once would have to study Islamic jurisprudence for years to address this topic in an educated way, yet people here cut and paste statements they get from a google search.

Ignoring the close call with the Clay Pot Logical Fallacy Yahya makes here, Muslims use the word Justice in a dramatically different way. Justice of course means, under the sharia, or that Islam is supreme while others “pay the jizya with willing submission and feel themselves subdued”.

Justice in no way means what Muslims know we think it does when they use the word. Less obtusely, Muslims use the word Justice, much like they use the concept of womens rights. Further, it is no fantasy that England has over 100 legal sharia courts operating now, and have hundreds more illegal ones. It is no fantasy that girls who run away from home because they are afraid of being killed by their families in England for adopting British culture, are being returned to their families by Muslim police from women’s safe houses so often, that women are now afraid to call emergency services for help.

It is no fantasy that in many western nations, illegal sharia ‘police’ patrol Islamic neighbourhoods making sure that women dress according to code and other aspects of sharia are observed to the extent they can get away with it. It is also no fantasy that many nations now find that food is halal and unmarked so that people cannot know that they are eating meat that has been butchered in a way that violates all cruelty to animal laws that our civilization has built over centuries. This means that people are violating their own principles often each day and are not even allowed to know it.

So in that light, I offer you this video.

Eeyore for Vlad T.

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  1. western laws which are just

    Which means those which are in accordance with Shariah….therefore just. They are just going to change all the laws that are unjust or not in accordance with Shariah.

    Slippery tongues.

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