More video of the EDL demo in England today. Leicester

So, some people say that the cry of “Takfir” or “Tafkir” or whatever it is, followed by “Alla hu Akbar!” Is not a Muslim battle cry. That would be a hard case to argue. Keep in mind, some of these videos were shot from the Muslim side of this conflict.

These videos found on: F Desouche

This last one gives some sense of the magnitude of what the EDL is becoming. Make no mistake, the EDL could become, and perhaps already has, a real geopolitical force. Add to that the police made very deliberate efforts to cause groups of EDL people to not meet. Most who went to the rally where deliberately held up so that they arrived hours late. Others were taken hours early and some never made it to the location because of the arrangement that the police made, to transport EDL members on specific buses, which of course, acted on a hidden agenda.

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  1. Why are we Canadians so ridiculously lucky? Can you imagine how freaked-out we’d be if this kind of thing was happening in Canada? It’s not that we’re better or smarter, it’s just that the circumstances don’t happen to add up the way they do in some other countries. We don’t happen to have a huge Muslim population, that’s all. I suggest we keep it that way.

  2. It most certainly is happening here. Canadian governments are so concerned about the illusion of peace, cohesion and multiculturalism they have allowed a degree of infiltration here that is as bad as the UK and with a far lower % of the actual population being Muslim. Read David Harris formerly of CSIS on that if you want details.

    When was the last time you visited Toronto? Have you read the stories about how Muslim men there sometimes have up to 4 wives all living together and all on welfare with their various children? It is of course illegal for we regular folk to have more than one person on welfare in a single household. Not Muslims however.

    The list of Muslim infiltration and special rights in Canada is far too long for a comment. Search vlad for the word Canada and you will find a tiny fraction of them.

  3. This is the England I read about in history, the England that fought alone against Napoleon. The England that fought alone against Hitler. This is the England that is going to lead the way for Europe to through off the yoke of political correctness that is allowing the Moslems to take over. What I hope is that they forgive the US for electing Obama and remain our special friend.

  4. Chris Jones, it will happen in Canada if Canada is going to survive as a free nation, and probably as a nation. The EDL is fighting for freedom although the majority of people don’t realize that, Canada is going to have to join in that fight or either fall apart of become a slave state.

  5. Don’t you just love the arafat shawl in combination with the baseballcap? A more fitting allegory of the parasitic nature of this vermin is hardly imaginable.

  6. Yeah, yeah, I know all that, guys. All I meant is that we don’t have too much actual street violence yet and we still have the opportunity to close the door before it’s too late. I know the score, I’m just really glad we’re not Britain or France or The Netherlands or Sweden or Russia or any of a number of countries that are in real, red-alert, existential trouble, right now. I’m grateful for our good fortune, but not in any way complacent.

  7. Chris considering the massive attacks on free speech you are in more trouble then you think. Any time you can’t speak your mind the government has way too much control.

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