Sanctimony rules the day in Sweden.

Man reading this, feels like they are in Ottawa or something. I guess while Sanctimony is indeed Canada’s chief export, we do not have a monopoly on it.

Thanks to Snaphanen for this partial translation of this disgusting display from the Swedish Parliament:

from this editorial for Dagens Nyheter:

The greens and The Left [former communists] declared, that for environmental reasons they would not occupy the same building in the chancellery as the Sweden-democrats…  …Furthermore they demanded seperate queues in the parliament cafeteria, so that they would not have to stand next to a Sweden-democrat waiting for lunch

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3 Replies to “Sanctimony rules the day in Sweden.”

  1. The Left’s desire to be PC at all costs has driven people to the point of ignoring facts in favour of idiocy.

    Everywhere, they refuse to see the threat that Islam represents to freedom all over the world and level their sights on the very people who are warning the world that the threat is real. In Sweden its the Swedish Democrats, in the Netherlands its the PVV, in the UK its the UKIP and the EDL.

    If they only had half a brain amongst them, the PC minions of the Left and near-Left should see that the real threat isn’t their political opponents who are against Islam, but Islam itself.

    But the leadership within Islam see this as an opportunity to do what the Romans did: divide and conquer.

    While the so-called defenders of freedom (ie the Left and whoever supports the PC nonsense that Islam is merely a religion) are fighting amongst themselves, Islam is making inroads all over the social, legal and political map.

    Time to wake the world up to the fact that 9/11, the London train bombings, the Madrid bombings, the Beslan massacre, the Mumbai massacre and all the rest of Islam’s jihad against the free world are merely the prelude to an even bigger war, the war against the western world and human rights.

    Support Geert Wilders, the Swedish Democrats, the EDL and everyone who understands that Islam is political in nature and threatens to conquer the world by stealth, guile, fifth columns and force.

  2. The problem, at heart is not about Islam. It is not about religion. It is about a number of people holding themselves to have the right to run a non-state judicial system of universal jurisdiction that can offer physical penalties up to and including the death penalty. I wouldn’t care if such a judicial system arose out of the boy scouts (whom I admire), it would have no place in our modern international political system.

    The fact that this judicial system is Islamic is a red herring, a distraction. Without the threat of killing apostates, Islam would be bleeding a broad river of converts to other faiths. Without the threat of killing heretics, Islam would just be one more religion out there with strange customs, no more scary than the snake handlers or the polygamists.

    Islam needs to give up its judicial pretensions that it is qualified to dispense life and death on earth. Everything after that is talk, talk that can be conducted on a nice, leisurely basis.

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