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3 Replies to “Chris Hitchens answers Tariq Ramadan on, ‘Is Islam the religion of peace?’”

  1. He looks pretty strong in this video. His memory is working and he doesn’t look exhausted – you’d have to be in good shape to argue with Tariq Ramadam. I hope his recovery continues.

  2. You don’t have to be a world-class historian or theologian to see that Islam has always been about subjugation and control.

    To the Muslim mind (not that this represents all of them, but it is still there in principle), peace is obtained through accepting Islam and obeying its laws. This means everyone has to do it.

    In practice, its a vastly different story. What becomes repressed in Muslim countries strikes back at them in force. What is oppressed in Muslim countries either becomes covert or capitulates to Islamic demands. In short, total control is a myth, just as Islamic peace is a myth.

    Yet Muslims world-wide are obligated to conquer other people through jihad by any means necessary in order to obtain this fictitious peace.

    Another easy way to answer the question is this: “Have you ever heard of a non-Muslim suicide bomber?”

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