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4 Replies to “ABC ‘Town Hall’ segment’ on ‘should Americans fear Islam’”

  1. what a pathetic excuse for legitamate debate with the typical lack of any factual data to back up any position…………Even Robert Spencer seemed to have a gag in his mouth regarding bringing up any relevant facts about the book of the death cult about which he is an expert . Who was the so called expert from the Netherlands, the only thing he had going was his eloquant charisma which enabled him to be a convincing speaker………..and the biggest joke of all is the crowd of islamics and leftist low IQ’s spewing their vitriol in a loving positive fashion by jeering Bigot toward the Christian Leader…..These are times when both Christians and Jews are in the firing sites of these blinded bullies who stomp on freedom in the name of tolerance.
    Someone do the spell check for me please.. When people like Graham, the evangelical leader are scorned, who will stand up for the Jews………Soon we will all be lost as this paradigm swings in favor of the islamics and they creep further and further into positions, ready and waiting in the underbelly of our nations to implement their fascisma and strick adherance to their cultistic doctorines.

  2. No one should fear Islam. A small band of determined knights stopped the forces of Islam in their tracks in Malta in 1565. This can be done again. And if it needs to be done, then it will be.

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