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2 Replies to “What the hell is going on at DND?”

  1. I am not at all surprised by this. The CIC has been working for years to manipulate both public and government opinion to the glories of Islam. Despite facing resistance by some within government, they have beefed up their attempts to secure a foothold all the while feigning moderacy. After being publicly humiliated for losing his battle with Maclean’s, former boss of this outfit Mohammed Elmasry expanded his ‘truths’ by creating the on-line rag Canadian Charger, well stocked with a rogue’s gallery of truthers and Islamist peddlers.

  2. Ever since Harper put an Afghani sharia proponent into the Senate, the slide into infiltration has accelerated…

    Harper has given a sworn enemy of Canada the keys to the government… It’s only going to get worse…

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