The Tundra Tabloids had just mentioned in an earlier post about the SD website having been hacked and contents concerning potential members having been spilled over the internet, and that the self anointed elite bear any responsibilty for anything that might happen to SD members due to their demonization campaign against the Sweden Democrat party. This very well could be a direct result of that hacking and demonization campaign. KGS
H/T Reinhard

A stabbing in Södermalm

A man was on Monday evening was knifed in Södermalm. According to the initial information about the attackers, they seem to have committed the deed because they believed that he belonged to the Sweden Democrats.

Shortly before 22 o’clock a man was attacked on Magnus Ladulåsgatan. He received a knife cut to his stomach, but survived with minor injuries. The man beating him was alarmed and told police that he cut him with the knife because they thought he was a Sweden Democrat.


  1. 2001 i had a vision that i, 2014, was gonna lead a “freedom army” to fight for our rights to exist, think and be able use/abuse our bodies as we see fit (and of course take the consequenses for that ourselves).

    It’s starting to look like i’m actually gonna have that job 2014.

    The projected enemy in this, seems to be one of those parties that claims to fight for tolerance and love. A great number of th “anti fascists” have gone fascist in their means to promote antifascism, which is both funny and sad to look at and think about. I wonder if they realize what and whom they are actively working to become?

    The road to hell is paved with good intentions.
    It’s the only way to get sane people to visit hell you see.

  2. we have to cut back for a change!
    how far it will come before people get sick and tired of this third world-gangs marching the streets and being invited in by the leftist as a new SA-ortnungsdienst to stay in power.
    looking forward to the new Nuremberg trials.

  3. This is pretty much what happened in Germany between the wars when roving gangs of fascists fought against Communists in the streets of Munich, Berlin and other cities and towns for supremacy.

    That this event is about Islam should tell people that Islam is not merely a religion, but a total control system bent on world conquest.

    The anger, rage and frustration runs so high in this debate that few can see the wood for the trees because our PC society has lost its core values in a morass of “multicultural acceptance” of all cultures, irrespective of whether or not the cultures in question want to destroy ours.

    Time to finally put the lid on Islam and Muslim immigration and to deport all of them from the west. We cannot trust them not to erupt in violence at the slightest offence.

  4. I live in Sweden, and you wouldn’t believe what kind of pseudo-democracy this country has become in just one year.

    The integration of refugees has totally failed in Sweden – there are many many riots, rock throwing on buses, polices, ambulances(!) performed by large crowds of immigrants. We have also got extreme numbers of robbings, extremely large amounts of rapes and gang-rapes etc.

    But the multi-cultural extremists rule Sweden now.
    One party want’s to preserve Swedish culture by promoting refugee assimilation instead of integration, and to decrease the devastating numbers of refugees smuggled into Sweden every year – the Sweden Democrats.
    A week before the election a Sweden democrat (SD) politician (David Von Arnold) was attacked by supposedly left wing extremists outside his home and dragged into the apartment, where he was beaten and tortured by cutting a swastika in his forehead.

    Our prime minister Fredrik Reinfeldt failed to condemn that cruel attack without reservations – he felt he had to add that the SD politician shouldn’t be surprised that this happened, due to the “xenophobic” stance of SD politicians.

    The media in Sweden – almost ALL media – have had a truly anti-democratic and extreme brainwash campaign during the election -a brainwash campaign with one goal: To suppress the support for Sweden Democrats. You wouldn’t believe how media have behaved, but I can tell you one thing: It’s only a matter of time before some Sweden Democrat politician or supporter is killed by some mob brainwashed by Swedish media agitation against Sweden Democrats.

    And when that happens, the whole world shall know what persons are responsible – and especially note that our own prime minister Fredrik Reinfeldt probably has the greatest responsibility for giving indirect support to political violence instead of free speech and democracy.

    I’m sorry if this post seems slightly confusing, these are just fragments of a description of the pseudo-democatic escalating situation in Sweden now, there’s so much more to tell.

    Please spread the word about the sad situation Sweden is in 2010 – democracy is suffering really bad here.

  5. “democracy is suffering really bad here.”

    a free society must be cleaned up once in a while.

    What really scares me is when the socialists go back to their nationalist roots.
    That day is coming I am afraid.

  6. I guess Mona Sahlin’s opinion on all of this is that so long as gang rapes, sightings of mobile-tent-clad jihadist breeders, mosque-building, welfare-draining by families with 12+ inbred children, anti-semitism and anti-Israel protests continue on the rise, she would never have squat to complain about, huh?

  7. ” RRWest
    Posted September 21, 2010 at 5:58 pm,
    That this event is about Islam should tell people that Islam is not merely a religion, but a total control system bent on world conquest.”

    Everybody DO want to qonquer the world. All that really differs are the configuration of the ideals that everyone wish to qoncuer the world WITH and impose ion ones neighbors. Other than that, it’s just scripting…

    Democracy is trying to conquer the eastern world right now and everyone in the west thinks and firmly believe that this is the right thing to do, even though the conquering itself is done by killing hundereds of people every day. They see these dead civilian people as sad but nescessary sacrifices on “the road to freedom”.

    You really should not single out separate pehonomena and claim that they alone are responsible for an ideal that each and every human on earth is having in their heads. I’d like the “peace, love and understanding”-society and I woulnd’t mind if that ideal were to conquer the world, even though i KNOW there are people in the world that can’t live like that. People who also are grown up enough to fight with each other in a regulated way and stop when the bell rings.

    If I were to impose “peace , love and understanding” onto the world I’d be seen as a hero in the western world, but all boxers, thaiboxers, and other generally “violent” sports-fantasts would hate me forever since that would directly affect their ability to live their lives as they see fit, hence, i’d be an immediate threat to their personal freeedom of choise, no matter if they do their fights in a closed space or not.

    And then, are there really ANY religions in this world that actually does not have the intention to “control the world” or at least get itself “worldly accepted”?
    I haven’t seen one yet. Not eve I can say that I do not wish to conquer the world, since there ARE ideals that I’d like to be spread world wide, and no matter how and from where you look at that, it is still an intention to conquer the world.

    I’m as bad as any islamist, and so are you.

  8. UPDATE: Political violence against sweden democrat politicians escalates: SDKpolitician brutally stabbed in Hjällbo.
    swedish media – of course – hardly reports this attack – and continues hate articles against sweden democrats.

    Rwanda, anyone?
    when the first counter attack comes, then chaos will develop quickly in sweden. Before that is allowed to happen:

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