Church destroyed on 911 cannot seem to be rebuilt or get attention from Port Authority

President Obama felt it was worth micromanaging the Mosque planned for near Ground Zero, but there is a deafening silence on replacing the church that was actually already there, and destroyed when the West tower came down.

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One Reply to “Church destroyed on 911 cannot seem to be rebuilt or get attention from Port Authority”

  1. As with every Quisling, the President looks at keeping his hide intact in the near term rather than seeing the larger picture.

    His very actions lead millions to suspect that he is practising tikkaya/kitman on an unsuspecting world.

    That there is a debate on this symbol of Islamic supremacy at all is a sure sign that the west has lost its values and its balls.

    And Muslims everywhere see this as a sign of weakness, a sign that there is a crack in the resolve of western leaders to stop Islamic tyranny in its tracks.

    I believe that there is no time like the present to take back our civilization and stop Islam wherever Muslims settle.

    No more mosques. No more madrassa schools. No more Islamic centres. These will go underground, but then we would be sending a clear message that Islam is not to be tolerated.

    Oil or no oil, Islam must be stopped.

    The west once banned Nazis and Communists from spreading their hate. Its long past time that we do the same to Islam.

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