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4 Replies to “Egyptian-German social scientist predicts fall of Islam”

  1. Sorry eeyore…just not possible. It’s a pipe dream. How can 1 billion+ adherents of islam turn secular? It might happen but not in our lifetimes and not in our kids and not in our grandkids lifetimes and not in our great-grandkids era. If it was a idealogy that only a few million followed then yes, it’s life would be over in about a hundred years… but we are talking about a billion plus and growing. The worst thing we can do is dream that it will come to an end…. not gonna happen.
    The only solution is to keep it out of our countries in the west…. nothing else is possible.

  2. I wish his solution would work, but for this to happen all of the Islamic world would have to become highly educated and realize what the Koran and adherence to it is doing to them. Since this isn’t going to happen this is as much of a pipe dream as the other plans to create a moderate Islam. Since I believe we are in the opening decades of a Dark Age his solution seems even further from becoming reality.

  3. eeyore

    I saw this post yesterday, but did not comment immediately. This person appears to be well meaning.

    My brief position is this. Regardless of any movement of Muslims towards a ‘Reformation’ of sorts, one should be mindful of a couple of things

    1. The concept of Taqqiya

    2. We should never put the future safety and existence of our civilisation in the hands of the historic enemy of the West, no matter how friendly and well disposed he may be at the moment. Our safety must always rest in our hands.

    If Islam collapses, all to the good, but that does not mean that we should give it a sympathetic hearing now, when it is under acute examination in the West, in the hope that it is going to collapse soon. Quite the contrary, it must be subjected to even greater pressure.

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