Tommy Robinson Turned Back at JFK

by Baron Bodissey

English Defence League leader Tommy Robinson flew in to John F. Kennedy airport in New York tonight. He planned to attend the demonstration against the Ground Zero mosque on September 11th, along with fellow members of the EDL and other European sympathizers who have come to the USA for the occasion.

According to EDL members who accompanied Mr. Robinson to New York, he was met by two policemen (or possibly two TSA officers) as soon as he stepped off the plane. They took him into custody and almost immediately put him on a plane back to London.

It’s like when Geert Wilders was sent back to the Netherlands from Heathrow, only a much longer flight. My sympathies go out to Tommy Robinson over the Atlantic right now, sitting through seventeen grueling hours of plane travel at one go.

The ostensible reason why he was deported was that he had filled out his entry form improperly, but it’s obvious that the British authorities had informed their DHS counterparts that he was coming, and advised them to send him back using any available pretext.

One of my EDL contacts says he was shadowed by British police at Heathrow right up until the moment he got on the plane. It’s even possible that plainclothes officers were on board with him during the flight.

Those are all the details I know right now. I’ll keep you posted if anything else arrives.

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5 Replies to “Tommy Robinson Turned Back at JFK”

  1. This is very strange. All visa waiver aliens are required to register with ESTA before they fly to the U.S. Yet he got ESTA approval to board the aircraft. Why such a quick turnaround? If he was inelligilbe to enter why was he allowed to board the aircraft? Very, very strange. Does he have a criminal conviction?

  2. excellent observations. Something is indeed rotten about all this. I hope to know more, and let readers of vlad know a lot more by tonight. Vlad Tepes has a man with the rest of the EDL contingent in NYC now.

  3. Unfortunately, Tommy Robinson was convicted of some minor offence some years back…. I have forgotten what exactly it was. The USA security must have latched on to that as an excuse to pack him off.

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